Vibrant Health Announces Green Vibrance Flavors at Expo East 2017

Vibrant Health announces the launch of Green Vibrance in two limited edition flavors to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary: Chocolate Coconut and Matcha Tea. The flavors will be available online and in stores in the coming months.

Vibrant Health, the leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, will also host two events on Friday, September 15 at booth #3039. Meet founder and formulator Mark Timon at a book signing from 2-4pm featuring his most recent book, Controlling Bad Bacteria. From 4-6pm, join owners Paige and Ted Parker for a party celebrating Vibrant Health’s 25th anniversary. Champagne and lite fare will be served.

Vibrant Health first formulated its flagship product Green Vibrance in 1992, creating the green superfoods category for the supplementation industry. While the formula has been improved upon with the changing landscape of nutritional science, this is the first time a flavored variety of Green Vibrance has entered the market.

Green Vibrance is the most-award winning superfood, having won 13 awards since its launch. Its comprehensive formula delivers 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables per scoop and supports the four foundations of whole-body wellness: nutrition, circulation, digestion, and immunity. The product is loaded with ingredients that support these areas, including 25 billion probiotics, digestive enzymes, oat grass, goji berries, astragalus, holy basil, flaxseed powder, and liverwort. With Vibrant Health’s dedication to full disclosure labeling, consumers can simply take a look at the bottle to find out what other top-quality ingredients are inside.

With the launch of the flavors, Vibrant Health hopes to bring these unique benefits to a consumer base that is less familiar with the taste of green superfood powders, in two flavor profiles.

Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut is a decadent alternative to the classic green superfood taste, with only one gram of sugar per serving. Attendees at Expo West 2017 voted in favor of this flavor of the varieties offered.

Sourced from Japan, DōMatcha green tea in Green Vibrance Matcha Tea boosts the antioxidant profile and adds a touch of caffeine, enhancing the energizing effects of the supplement. Combine Green Vibrance Matcha Tea with water or a milk substitute for a refreshing drink.

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