Immune Support Supplement Bullseye Wins Taste for Life Award

BullsEye has won a Taste for Life 2017 Immunity Essentials Award in the Herbal Remedies category. BullsEye is offered exclusively by Vibrant Health, a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

Vibrant Health released BullsEye to the market in August of 2016, inspired by the rise in specific bacterial infections, particularly rampant in the northeastern and upper Midwest portion of the United States. The first product of its kind, BullsEye is a compilation of the some of the best plant extracts that can help support balance of the bacteria that are a part of everyday life. Some of these common bacterial infections are marked by a bullseye-shaped rash, which is how the product got its name.

A person could encounter a microbe that would deliver a bacterial infection, just by walking around in the great outdoors. A modern, more hygienic lifestyle is a double-edged sword, rendering people more vulnerable to infection. BullsEye may help to protect, but it is not an antibiotic. It is a synergistic combination of bioactive food substances, designed to help maintain healthy bacterial balance when taken daily.

BullsEye is delivered in vegetable capsules and comes in a 60-day supply.

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