Gigartina RMA Ointment wins Remedies Body Care Award

Shelton, CT — June 23, 2017 Gigartina Red Marine Algae (RMA) Ointment by Vibrant Health® has been awarded Remedies Body Care Award for 2017 in the Skin Care category. While Vibrant Health, a natural supplement company established in 1992, holds over 18 awards for various products, this is the first award for Gigartina RMA Ointment.

To select the Remedies Body Care Award, staff at Remedies magazine tested and selected winners from a variety of body care products. Remedies is a monthly, supplement-focused publication by Taste For Life. All winning products are based primarily on essential oils and time-tested herbs instead of toxic chemicals, and were rated as “excellent and effective.”

Gigartina RMA Ointment is a soothing, replenishing, and healing skin ointment, loaded with sulfated polysaccharides from a specially selected species of Gigartina red marine algae. These polysaccharides have demonstrated a unique ability to support immune function at the cellular level. In addition to the powerful anti-viral effects of the red marine algae in the ointment, the delivery method is unique: emu oil and 14 other ingredients nurture healthy skin and ensure fast, deep absorption into the affected area.

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