November 2, 2017
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  4. There is information on the web that says Ginkgo biloba is not safe for pregnant women, as this is an ingredient in Green Vibrance – should this be of concern?

The potential dangers of ginkgo biloba alluded to on the web are related to two factors: 1.) Dosage and 2) vascular integrity. Dosages of hundreds of milligrams per day of ginkgo extract would be unwise for anyone without first paying close attention to overall cardiovascular health. Blood vessels can be prone to leakage IF nutrition is poor. If vitamin C, zinc, calcium, polyphenols, and, to a lesser degree, vitamin D, vitamin K and boron are under-supplied in the diet, collagen synthesis suffers, and blood can leak through capillary walls at frightening rates. The medical community fears ginkgo, because it can thin blood, and improve circulation. Thinner blood will be more prone to seeping rapidly through capillary walls if vascular integrity is poor.

Much of allopathic physician’s fear is unfortunately founded on ignorance. They cannot know everything, of course, and the nuances of herbal substances remain unknown to most of them. They are unaware that ginkgo biloba also contains a range of polyphenols that actually improve vascular integrity. So the concern that ginkgo, in conservative doses, may lead to excessive bleeding is overrated, especially in healthy individuals. However, it is certainly not recommended to give ginkgo to a patient suffering with scurvy. In such a case, vascular integrity has deteriorated to such a point that other nutrients (e.g., vitamin C, zinc, calcium, vitamin D) are needed first to restore firm collagen bonds among the cells of vascular tissue before any blood thinning agent can be given.

In Green Vibrance, ginkgo biloba is present at a dosage that will not lead to capillary leakage, but will enhance circulation. It is safe to make this statement because the ginkgo is also paired with grape seed extract, milk thistle extract, green tea extract, and Acerola berry extract. All of these botanical extracts supply vitamin C and polyphenols that will enhance vascular integrity. Other nutrients that help build and sustain vascular integrity can be found throughout Green Vibrance (i.e., calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and boron).

Green Vibrance is balanced, and thoughtfully formulated. It has contributed to the birth of many strong, healthy babies since it first appeared in 1992.

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