August 9, 2017
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Super Natural Calcium also provides vitamin B-12, iron and calcium, commonly supplied by animal foods (e.g. milk, cheese, meats). Among other functions, the three nutrients are responsible for maintaining mental health (cognition, attention span, neuronal life), for delivery of oxygen to cells, and for the maintenance of strong bones and resilient connective tissue. Adequate amounts of B-12, iron and calcium are difficult to obtain in vegan diets. Super Natural Calcium delivers significant potencies of these “animal factor” nutrients from truly vegetable sources. It is, therefore, a strong guardian of optimum health for vegans and omnivores alike. For example, Super Natural Calcium’s beta-carotene content delivers more anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-pollution protection than nearly all other foods, and the naturally high content of B-vitamins will fuel and protect neurological tissue and support overall metabolism. Everyone, vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike, should enjoy the nutritional benefits of Super Natural Calcium.

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Super Natural Calcium

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