August 9, 2017
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The unique probiotics: 50 billion of them per serving. Bifdobacterium animalis spp lactis, and Lactobacilli paracasei, plantarum, and gasseri are imbued with unique characteristics that go beyond normal digestive assistance or immune support. They fortify your body’s ability to control blood sugar, restrict the accumulation of storage fat, and reduce body fat mass.

  • B. animalis reduces both fat mass and glucose intolerance.
  • L. gasseri reduces inflammation, and suppresses blood glucose levels, thereby inhibiting the conversion of excess glucose to triglycerides that would otherwise be stored away as body fat.
  • L. plantarum reduces diabetic symptoms and stimulates weight loss, while
  • L. paracasei reduces inflammation and directly inhibits triglyceride formation. It synthesizes an enzyme (circulating lipoprotein lipase) that “controls triglyceride deposition into adipocytes.” In layman’s terms, that means the probiotic can stop fat cells from filling up on triglycerides.

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