August 9, 2017
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The plant sterols and policosanol provide meaningful protection against oxidized cholesterol. The sterols (beta-sitosterol, Stigmasterol, campesterol plus lesser sterols) and “cosanols” are fatty alcohols, which cannot be absorbed by humans except in very minute amounts. In the intestine, they will combine with dietary cholesterol and secreted cholesterol in bile salts to create a new, crystalline matrix that cannot be absorbed. The compounds are then passed in feces.

Plant sterols may also compete for cholesterol’s absorption sites along the intestinal wall, blocking absorption in that way too. Once the plant sterol wedges itself into the absorption site, it blocks absorption of cholesterol, but cannot be absorbed itself. The situation is similar to putting the wrong key in a keyhole. It may fit, but will not open the door. And the right key — the cholesterol key — can’t find a way in.

50+ years of research indicate that plant sterols in this product block absorption of cholesterol from the intestines on a milligram-to-milligram basis when ingested along with cholesterol containing food, and may also support healthy prostate and immune function.

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