October 30, 2017
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Are all of your products certified Gluten free?:

Yes, all of our products are far below the minimum FDA standards for labeling a product “Gluten Free.”

How can Green Vibrance be gluten free if it contains various grasses?

Green Vibrance contains NO grains or grain byproducts. As such, it is formulaically gluten free. Nevertheless, we have gone one step further and actually assayed the finished product for gluten through an outside lab, and found none.

Gluten is to be found in the protein fractions of mature grain. Green Vibrance, as well as Field of Greens and GV Junior, all contain cereal GRASS juice powders and whole leaf powders. These grasses are harvested when they reach about six inches to a foot in height. They are harvested just before the “jointing” stage is reached, the time when nutrient density is greatest. This stage of growth occurs many weeks prior to the formation of the plant’s seed head — the part of the plant that eventually delivers the grain with all its gluten.

So even though Green Vibrance uses cereal grass juice powders, there is absolutely no grain harvested along with them. Hence, there is no gluten in Green Vibrance, either from those juice powders or form any other ingredient in Green Vibrance.

Does the term “Gluten free” mean there is zero gluten?

Gluten free means there are less than 20 parts per million of gluten.  Vibrant Health products are all far below this minimum standard.

Who regulates this certification?

The FDA recently put in place gluten-free labeling rules which state companies can’t label their product “Gluten Free” unless the product contains less than 20 ppm of gluten. The FDA says it will enforce the regulations through “periodic inspections of food manufacturing facilities; food label reviews; follow-up on consumer and industry complaints reported to the agency; and when needed, gluten analyses of food samples.”

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