August 9, 2017
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Attempts at holistic control of blood sugar disorders and protection against their complications can be made on several fronts. Exercise and weight reduction are of paramount importance in the battle to re-establish normal blood sugar control. A whole foods diet is certainly mandatory. An organic, virtually grain and starch free diet that seeks to maximize trace nutrient content is ideal. Including sea vegetables liberally would be one way to assure continued presence of trace minerals key to balancing blood sugar.

Dietary supplements ranging from simple but highly nutritious yeast through multiple vitamin and mineral tablets to specialized, sophisticated formulas could help body systems reorient themselves toward normal operation. These supplements and lifestyle changes could do much to lower elevated insulin and/or blood sugar levels, or raise lagging blood sugar.

Given that we cannot expect a universal and instant awakening to the dangers of the modern diet, we must find other means to combat its ill effects.

A five-point holistic approach:

  1. Diet can be modified to reduce the amount of glucose-producing foods (i.e. starches and sugars.)
  2. The inflow of glucose can be inhibited by high fiber diets rich in protein and adequate in fat. All three macro-nutrients, protein, fat and fiber, are known to delay conversion of starch to glucose by the intestinal lining and to delay sugar absorption from the gut.
  3. We can suppress endogenous (inside the body) glucose production by the liver with supplements rich in caffeic and chlorogenic acids like blueberry leaf extract and blueberry leaf tea.
  4. We can stimulate intracellular (inside the cell) glucose metabolism with substances such as cinnamon and caffeic acid, found widely in plants.
  5. We can enhance the ability of insulin to stimulate glucose transporting proteins (GTPs) through supplementation with trace minerals and corosolic acid.

We believe specialized supplements should include specific dietary fibers, trace nutrients, new bioactive botanical extracts, and key trace minerals known to normalize secretion of insulin and metabolism of blood glucose. For example, vanadium, chromium, zinc, manganese and copper are known to help, with vanadium and chromium alleged to mimic insulin’s action in opening cell membranes to the entry of glucose.

Caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid plus certain fibers, all of which can be concentrated in standardized botanical extracts, inhibit absorption of glucose from the intestine. Caffeic acid and other phytochemicals additionally enhance glucose metabolism within cells. These are some examples of the synergism that can be found within Metabolic Vibrance, a formula designed to help restore missing nutrients required for normal blood sugar, and to correct the biochemical confusion that leads to blood sugar disorders.

Metabolic Vibrance is intended to mark the path to a more wholistic approach to blood sugar control. Nutrients in Metabolic Vibrance have been selected for their role in supporting normal insulin uptake at the cellular level by providing a correct balance of nutrients associated with normal glucose metabolism within cells.* Other ingredients inhibit the conversion of dietary carbohydrate to blood sugar at the border of the intestinal lining to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.*

Antioxidant supplements can reduce peroxidation and improve overall antioxidant status, helping raise levels of cellular antioxidant enzymes normally suppressed by elevated blood sugar. Some key antioxidants identified by science with application in protecting against the effects of elevated blood sugar are in Metabolic Vibrance.

Additional antioxidant formulas are also available. They include Green Vibrance, Super Natural C, Spectrum Vibrance and Cran Naturelle. All supplements targeted for blood sugar management are most effective as part of a well designed whole food diet low in grain and starch, combined with exercise and a diet of multiple small meals rich in fresh vegetables and protein.*

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