August 9, 2017
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Our pets are true companions who offer us unconditional love and endless entertainment. UT Health is a health supplement for dogs and cats designed as a crisis intervention solution for urinary tract issues. Cats and smaller dogs are particularly prone to infections. In fact, urinary tract health issues are the #1 reason cats go to the veterinarian. Accidents, pain, and difficulty urinating are just a few symptoms your pet may experience if they have a buildup of bacteria, particularly E.coli, in their urinary tract. Commonly, antibiotics are prescribed for these symptoms. While there is nothing inherently wrong with antibiotics, they can’t distinguish between good or bad bacteria, leaving your pet’s immune system weakened and increasing the chances of recurring infections. Particularly in cats, recurring infections can lead to blockages which may ultimately require surgery. UT Health is a natural healing alternative featuring D-mannose, which helps to eradicate E. coli, and antioxidant-rich botanicals to support and restore urinary tract health.

UT Health’s holistic formula is based off of Vibrant Health’’s UT Vibrance and has been adapted for use in dogs and cats. E. Coli is attracted to D-Mannose and will dislodge from the urinary tract wall, attach to the D-Mannose, and be excreted from the body. In this way, D-mannose helps to eradicate bacteria from the urinary tract. Antioxidant-rich plants such as parsley, goldenrod, and dandelion support and restore urinary tract health by promoting urination and cleansing internally.

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