August 9, 2017
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Super Natural C is completely plant-based, with no synthetic vitamin C, and provides a potent selection of plant polyphenols.

The perfect step up from plain vitamin C supplements, grape seed extract, or pine bark extract.

  • 100% natural vitamin C
  • Contains whole-food bioflavinoids
  • With camu-camu hand-harvested in the Amazon rainforest
  • Temperature-controlled proprietary process
  • No genetically modified materials
  • No added ascorbic acid
  • Safe for vegetarians

Are you tired of ascorbic acid Vitamin C (that is, vitamin C synthesized from corn sugar)? Even though it fits the strictly defined molecular structure of Vitamin C, it is really not the form encountered in food. Indeed, some persons are even allergic to synthetic vitamin C.

Vibrant Health’s Super Natural C takes advantage of recent developments in botanical research and development to combine high ORAC value plant extracts with natural vitamin C from certified organic acerola berry, certified organic amla and wild-crafted camu-camu extracts. The result is a 100% natural vitamin C from plant sources.

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