How To Prioritize Your Tasks, Clear Your Own Path and Achieve Wellness

Balance is something many strive to attain. A strong sense of harmony and balance in life can bring immense satisfaction and joy, especially when everything is running smoothly. However, this isn’t always reality. Pursuing balance can feel quite complicated with constant notifications and plates in the air. 

Habit hacks to consider to help move through life with greater ease and joy:

1. Setting intentions for the week ahead

 Mornings are the perfect time to set the pace and purpose for the day ahead. Spending some time in silence, meditating, or calming the mind, gives the brain a chance to reset before the demands of the day flood in. A specific way to set an intention for the week is to choose 1-2 positive words to embody for the week, write it on a post-it note, and place it somewhere like a bathroom mirror to be visible for the rest of the week inspiration.

2. Getting in those greens

With an on-the-go lifestyle, sometimes getting in the recommended serving size of 2-3 cups of greens per day can be difficult. Luckily some products make this easy. Vibrant Health’s Vibrance is a plant-based green superfood powder infused with 2.5 billion prebiotics and probiotics. Available in Orange Pineapple and Chocolate Coconut, it is naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract. Containing essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this product makes for optimal nutrition on the go. Mix one scoop of Vibrance once a day into eight ounces of water or beverage for a healthy start to the day.

3. Utilizing online apps to exercise

No time to get to the gym? Luckily, there are numerous affordable online streaming services and smartphone apps which include exercise activities such as: walking at home, yoga, kickboxing, and strength training. Finding an enjoyable exercise that fits into that busy schedule is key to staying in shape and motivated.

4. Taking inventory of time & energy

Just because something is doable does not mean it has to be a “yes.” Taking an accurate list of time, energy, and relational capacity can help prevent unnecessary overwhelm. When presented with a request, consider waiting at least a few hours to discern if the opportunity fits the current season’s capacity and goals.  

5. Limiting multitasking

Working on multiple tasks can spread the energy and focus a bit too thin. Blocking out intentional time for one job at a time is proven to lower stress and cut down on the overall time spent. By putting that phone on “Do Not Disturb” and blocking out time for one task at a time, those goals can be reached much faster.  

Busyness may be glorified in culture, but it does not always equal productivity. Slow down. Reflect on which life areas may need new habits or intentionality. Streamlining is crucial to clear the clutter and find what works for you for more productivity and deeper fulfillment.  

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