How to Choose a Good Protein Powder

Do you ever get caught up in the latest protein trends and find yourself confused as to which ones to pick?  Well luckily we can help. According to Dr. Oz, in the latest issue of his magazine, “The Good Life”, he offers the following advice: it’s best to choose protein powders that are complete forms of protein, have at least 15 grams of protein with less than 3-4 grams of total sugar per serving, and to opt for protein powders that contain natural flavors, such as organic cocoa powder, natural maple flavor, or rosemary extract. Well, guess which product fits all of Dr. Oz’s criterion!? Our ProMatcha Protein (Natural) does!

ProMatcha Protein (Natural) provides 20 grams of complete protein in the form of algal, sacha inchi, yellow pea, and spirulina protein and zero grams of sugar. This strong protein combination curbs hunger, detoxifies, is low in carbs, boosts immunity, and is easily absorbed.

Looking for ways to incorporate this protein powder? Check out this amazing recipe:








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