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Green Salad Dressing

Laura Galvan Mar 28 2022
Power up No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Power up No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Laura Galvan Mar 22 2022

Simple Green Juice

Laura Galvan Mar 14 2022

Antioxidant Packed Smoothie

Laura Galvan Mar 6 2022

Blonde Brownie Power Bites

Laura Galvan Feb 25 2022


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Give Your Salad a Makeover: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Greens

Laura Galvan May 25 2022
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5 Simple Ways to Improve Joint Health

Laura Galvan May 22 2022
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5 Healthy Spring Meal Ideas to Help Reduce Joint Pain

Laura Galvan May 18 2022


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Bad Bacteria - Give Your Body the Defense It Needs

Laura Galvan May 24 2021
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Trilogy: Getting Ahead of the Doctor's Advice

Laura Galvan Jan 25 2021
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Vitamin D: SO Much More than Just a Vitamin

Laura Galvan Aug 12 2020

Powders in the Press

Vibrant Health Announces Green Vibrance Flavors at Expo East 2017

Vibrant Health announces the launch of Green Vibrance in two limited edition flavors to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary: Chocolate Coconut and Matcha Tea. The flavors will be available online and in stores in the coming months. Vibrant Health, the leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, will also host two…

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Vibrant Health Announces Charity Partnership with Vitamin Angels

Shelton, CT — August 1, 2017 Vibrant Health is proud to announce their partnership with Vitamin Angels, a charitable organization working to help at-risk mothers and children gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. One dollar for every Super Kids Vibrance bottle sold will benefit Vitamin Angels…

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Vibrant Companions Pet Line Wins Family Choice Awards

Shelton, CT — June 23, 2017 Vibrant Health® is proud to announce that all three pet products offered by Vibrant Companions received a 2017 Family Choice Award. Now in its 25th year, Vibrant Health specializes in bringing the highest quality health supplements to the market for men, women, and children.…

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Gigartina RMA Ointment wins Remedies Body Care Award

Shelton, CT — June 23, 2017 Gigartina Red Marine Algae (RMA) Ointment by Vibrant Health® has been awarded Remedies Body Care Award for 2017 in the Skin Care category. While Vibrant Health, a natural supplement company established in 1992, holds over 18 awards for various products, this is the first…

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Most Award-Winning Green Food Supplement Has Won Again!

Shelton, CT — June 1, 2017 Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance wins Vitamin Retailer’s 2017 Vity Award in the Green Food Supplement category. Vibrant Health, a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements now celebrating its 25th year, is proud to win one of the most sought after awards in the natural…

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