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Green Salad Dressing

Laura Galvan Mar 28 2022
Power up No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Power up No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Laura Galvan Mar 22 2022

Simple Green Juice

Laura Galvan Mar 14 2022

Antioxidant Packed Smoothie

Laura Galvan Mar 6 2022

Blonde Brownie Power Bites

Laura Galvan Feb 25 2022


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The Benefits of Spirulina, the Ancient Superfood of the Aztecs (and NASA)

Sean D Jun 28 2022
Frontpage BlogHealthSelf LoveWellness

6 Summer Gardening Tips from Local New England Experts

Laura Galvan Jun 26 2022
Frontpage BlogHealthSelf LoveWellness

How Long It Takes for Probiotics to Work & How to Tell

Laura Galvan Jun 19 2022


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Bad Bacteria - Give Your Body the Defense It Needs

Laura Galvan May 24 2021
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Trilogy: Getting Ahead of the Doctor's Advice

Laura Galvan Jan 25 2021
Frontpage BlogScienceScience Field

Vitamin D: SO Much More than Just a Vitamin

Laura Galvan Aug 12 2020

Powders in the Press

Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support Wins Prestigious Digestion Award

Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support received a 2018 Digestion Supplement Award from remedies, a division of Taste for Life magazine. Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support is manufactured by Vibrant Health, a industry-leading superfood supplement company. This is the fourth award  this product has won. For their annual digestion awards…

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Maximum Vibrance Wins Delicious Living Supplement Award

Superfood supplement manufacturer Vibrant Health is proud to announce their product Maximum Vibrance has won a sought-after 2018 Delicious Living Supplement Award. Maximum Vibrance combines Vibrant Health’s flagship green superfood complex, Green Vibrance, with antioxidant blend, Spectrum Vibrance, plant based protein, and organic vitamins and minerals. Delicious Living…

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Green Vibrance Flavors win Best New Products Award

Vibrant Health, a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, is proud to announce that Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut and Matcha Tea have been awarded the Amazing Wellness Best New Products award in the category of Superfood Supplements, describing the supplement as a “potent potable.” Flavored Green Vibrance made its debut last…

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Immune Support Supplement Bullseye Wins Taste for Life Award

BullsEye has won a Taste for Life 2017 Immunity Essentials Award in the Herbal Remedies category. BullsEye is offered exclusively by Vibrant Health, a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Vibrant Health released BullsEye to the market in August of 2016, inspired by the rise in specific bacterial infections, particularly rampant…

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Vitamin Retailer Article by Founder Mark Timon

Vitamin Retailer – November 2017 2017 Science of Supplements Botanical Antimicrobials: A New Frontier Against Infection Article by Founder, Mark Timon Read Mark’s article in Vitamin Retailer See our ad in Vitamin Retailer…

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