31 Simple Ways to Let Your Health Bloom this Month

31 Simple Ways to Let Your Health Bloom this Month

This month, the Vibrant Health team is all about sharing ways to “let your health bloom” — encouraging you to try new things in order to blossom in all areas of your life. That’s why we’re sharing 31 ways you can boost your health this March — including a simple wellness activity for each day of the month! 

31 Ways to Boost Your Health & Wellness  

March 1:  Compliment Someone: In honor of World Compliment Day, take some time today to compliment someone. Not only does it spread kindness and positivity, but research shows that giving compliments can boost the mood of both the compliment receiver and the giver. Win, win!  

March 2: Make a Berry Cherry Smoothie: It’s Berries & Cherries month — the perfect excuse to make a fruity smoothie bowl! We love this Berry & Bright Smoothie Bowl recipe — a delicious blend of frozen pineapple, cherries, and raspberries mixed together with water, flax meal, and a scoop of our Maximum Vibrance Vanilla.   

March 3:  Unplug: It’s National Day of Unplugging, so here’s your reminder to disconnect from social media and put your phone aside so you can spend more time connecting with others, exploring nature or simply being present.  

March 4: Brush Up on Women’s Health: Set aside some time this month to brush up on women’s health! With it being Endometriosis Week and HPV Awareness Day, it’s important to educate yourself and also make sure you’re up-to-date on your health checkups and screenings.  

March 5: Explore Color Therapy: March is Color Therapy Month — encouraging others to explore the world of color therapy. What is color therapy? Essentially, it’s the idea that certain colors can impact your mood, changing the way you feel. There are endless ways to try it out yourself — be it painting a picture, preparing a meal with a rainbow of colors, or attending a color therapy session.  

March 6: Make a (Healthy) Freezer Meal: This month, make use of all that frozen food stashed away in your freezer! And no, we’re not talking about processed TV dinners or frozen nuggets. Utilizing frozen produce, make a healthy freezer meal like this Apple Celery Smoothie Bowl — made with frozen kale, frozen banana, and our Green Vibrance powder.  

March 7: Give Your Pancakes a Healthy Makeover: Have your pancakes (and eat them too)! In honor of National Plapjack Day, we’re whipping up our own healthy take on traditional pancakes. Our Fluffy Vanilla Protein Pancakes are made with whole, nutrient-rich ingredients like rolled oats, bananas, and plant-based milk.  

March 8: Support Your Kidneys: Give your kidneys some extra love this March in honor of National Kidney Month! After all, they do so much for us. According to the National Kidney Foundation, our kidneys help regulate fluids, filter waste, regulate blood pressure and keep minerals in balance just to name a few! Both blood and urine tests can be done to assure your kidneys are working in tip-top shape.  

March 9: Give Your Trailmix an Extra Pop: Give your trail mix a pop of flavor by adding some lightly-salted popcorn (in honor of Popcorn Lover’s Day)! We love this healthy recipe by The Healthy Epicurean — made with popcorn, raw nuts and seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, and chocolate chips.   

March 10: Tap into Your Spirituality: Spiritual Wellness Month is celebrated every March, an invitation for you to tap into your spiritual side. Consider trying a new modality —  such as reiki, meditation, or morning journaling — to deepen your spiritual wellness.  

March 11: Make this PB & Berry Smoothie: In honor of National Peanut Month, we’ve got a delicious smoothie for you to try! Our Peanut Butter & Berry Smoothie is made with chia seeds, peanut butter powder, frozen blueberries, banana and a scoop of our Vibrance Chocolate Coconut.  

March 12: Plant a Flower: Spring is around the corner, and today’s National Plant a Flower Day so why not plant a flower to boost your mood? If it’s still cold where you are, seeds can be started inside and then transported outdoors when the weather is warmer.   

March 13: Take a Nap: Today’s National Nap Day, so don’t feel bad about getting some extra Zzz’s today! In fact, taking a nap is good for your health 

March 14: Stay Hydrated: It’s Nutrition & Hydration Week, so here’s your cue to hydrate up! Try making this delicious Citrus Coconut Water Lemonade for an ultra-hydrating boost.  

March 15: Optimize Your Brain Health: Brain Awareness Week is the 13th-19th, a great opportunity to optimize your brain health. Studies show that Omega-3s support healthy cognitive function, so you may consider adding Omega-3s into your diet like fatty fish, or supplementing with high-quality fish oil.  

March 16: Cook with Artichokes: It’s National Artichoke Day, so let’s give this funky-looking green vegetable a little love. Try this healthy, plant-based twist on the classic Spinach Artichoke dip!  

March 17: Eat Green: This Saint Patrick’s Day, have some festive fun by incorporating healthy green foods into your diet — like spinach, kale, avocado, broccoli, apples, and pears!  

March 18: Read a Book: March is National Reading Month, so grab a book and start reading! According to ReadingPartners.org, studies have linked reading with reduced stress and anxiety as well as brain health. Win, win, win!  

March 19: Laugh Out Loud (LOL): Get ready to LOL! Add a little humor to your day on National Let’s Laugh Day. After all, it’s good for you and studies show it may provide both physiological and physiological benefits 

March 20: Be Happy: March 20th is International Day of Happiness — based on the premise that being happy can create a kinder world. You can get started with these three simple steps: practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and kindness 

March 21: Set a Spring Wellness Intention: It’s officially spring! Start the season off on the right foot by setting a spring wellness intention. What’s one health goal — big or small — you want to achieve this season? 

March 22: Cook a Seasonal Spring Dish: Now that spring is here, it’s time to start incorporating some seasonal produce into your recipes! Here are some of our favorite foods to add into your diet this spring — along with new recipes to try.  

March 23: Make Chia Pudding: It’s National Chia Day, so you know we’ve got chia pudding on the menu! Our Mango Chia Seed Pudding is the perfect way to welcome spring with fresh flavors like mango, ginger, and coconut milk.  

March 24: Spring into Fitness: With the seasonal shift, take some time to think about your fitness goals. How can you switch up your fitness routine this spring?  

March 25: Start Your Spring Cleaning: Get a jump start on your spring cleaning this weekend! Need some inspiration? Here are 12 ways to spring clean your life — mind, body, and soul!  

March 26: Say Yes to Spinach: Power up with spinach on National Spinach Day by adding this nutrient-rich leafy green to all your favorite recipes! Mix it into soup, add it to your smoothie, or make a big green salad.  

March 27: Spark Your Creativity: With it being National Crafting Month, it’s the perfect time to flex your creative muscle — and it’s good for you too. In fact, studies show that being creative can have a positive impact on one’s happiness and overall well-being. Try doing a spring craft like making a floral wreath or painting rocks with seasonal designs!  

March 28: Create a Healthy Morning Routine: Start your day on the right side of the bed with a healthy morning routine! Here’s how to get started.  

March 29: Eat Your Whole Grains: It’s officially Whole Grain Sampling Day, so why not add some of these good-for-you grains to your diet? Throughout the day, find little ways to sneak whole grains — such as rice, millet, quinoa, and farro — into your soups, salads, and side dishes.   

March 30: Take a Nature Walk:  As the weather warms up, soak up the great outdoors and get moving by going on a hike or nature walk. It is Take a Walk in the Park Day, after all!   

March 31: Play Outside: With the days longer now, take advantage of the extra sunshine and play outside with your family. Ride your bike, blow bubbles, visit a playground, or draw with chalk on the driveway. Have a little fun!  



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