Prioritize Your Health: 10 Practical Wellness Tips for Women to Implement Now

Prioritize Your Health: 10 Practical Wellness Tips for Women to Implement Now



There's no debate: women are pretty darn powerful, and this past year has shown us just how resilient women can be ‚ from stay-at-home moms and college grads to teachers and nurses working the frontline.



And while taking care of others may be second nature for many women, it's also more important than ever to take care of yourself. May 9-15th marks National Women's Health Week ‚ an annual holiday that kicks off each year on Mother's Day-acting as a reminder for women to make their health and wellbeing a priority.



This week on the Vibrant Health blog, we‚re sharing 10 simple ways for women to prioritize their health and wellness starting now.



10 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Health & Wellness


1. Don't Forget to Book Your Routine Wellness Visits


2. Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet


3. Take Your Daily Vitamins and Supplements


4. Check in with Your Mental Health


5. Protect Your Skin from the Sun


6. Find an Exercise Routine that Works for You


7. Make Time for Self-Care


8. Practice Healthy Sleep Habits


9. Manage Your Stress


10. Be Kind to Yourself (and Your Body)



 Don't Forget to Book Your Routine Wellness Visits



When was the last time you went to your primary care doctor for your annual well visit? How about the gynecologist for a Pap smear (to screen for cervical cancer)? Have you booked your first mammogram yet? Note: The American Cancer Society suggests women over 40 should have the choice to schedule annual breast cancer screenings with mammograms.


If you‚ve been putting off these appointments, here‚s your reminder to book your checkups and stay on top of your health.The good news: many health insurance plans cover most if not all preventative screenings. Check with your provider to see what‚s covered for you!



Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet



Food is fuel, so you'll want to make sure you‚re nourishing your body with nutrient-rich, whole foods that support your lifestyle! Remember: healthy eating doesn‚t have to be complicated; keep it simple and do what works for you.


Here are some tips for eating healthier at home! And we‚ve said it before and we‚ll say it again: be sure you‚re staying hydrated by drinking enough water.



Take Your Daily Vitamins and Supplements



Eating a healthy diet is important, but adding supplements into the mix can ensure you‚re getting your daily nutritional needs.


We love our Vibrant Health Trilogy Women for a ‚one stop shop‚ dietary supplement. They come in convenient daily power packs with a health-boosting trio: an organic, plant-based multivitamin, 100% mercury free fish oil, and probiotic. Talk about packing a nutritional punch!



And since women are more prone to urinary tract infections, you may also want to consider taking a supplement like U.T. Biotic ‚ promoting urogenital health and acting as a daily defense against unwanted bacteria.



Check in with Your Mental Health



While physical health is important, let‚s not forget about our mental health. Between social distancing, the stress of a pandemic, and various financial or career adjustments, this past year may have taken a toll on your mental health.


Check in with yourself, being sure to lean on your support system for a pick-me-up. And don‚t be afraid to reach out for professional help if needed. Companies like BetterHelp make e-counseling affordable and accessible from anywhere ‚ pairing you with a professional, licensed counselor matched for your unique needs.



Protect Your Skin from the Sun



With the warmer weather upon us, you're likely spending more time outdoors. And while the fresh air can do wonders for your mood, don't forget to protect your skin from the sun! Whether you're lounging at the beach or spending the mornings tending your garden, be sure to apply (and re-apply!) sunscreen often.


Sun hats and UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) tops ‚ like this one from Athleta ‚ can also be helpful for protecting your skin from harmful rays. And while you‚re at it, now is a great time to schedule an appointment for a skin cancer screening. Here are some additional tips to keep your skin healthy this summer!



Find an Exercise Routine that Works for You



By now, we know physical activity is essential for your health ‚ and can even contribute to gut health and chronic disease prevention.



With that being said, it's important to find an exercise routine that works for you so you actually want to make time for it. Try these tips to get your body moving at home to get started, plus here's a 10-minute HIIT workoutfor some extra fitness inspiration!



Make Time for Self-Care



As women, it‚s vital to make time for your own self-care to ensure you‚re not running on empty. After all, as the saying goes, you can‚t pour from an empty cup.



If you tend to put yourself on the back burner, try scheduling ‚me time‚ for yourself (just as you would an important meeting). Here are 20 feel-good ways you can prioritize your self-care this season by making time for y-o-u!




Practice Healthy Sleep Habits



Are you getting enough sleep? According to the CDC, roughly 34.8% of women aren't getting the recommended 7+ hours of sleep per night for optimal health and wellbeing.


Considering sleep is essential to your wellness and optimal immune function, it‚s about time you get your fair share of shuteye. Here are some simple tips for getting a good night‚s rest!


Manage Your Stress


While some stress is perfectly healthy (and normal), chronic stress can lead to a slew of health issues including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Check in with yourself and identify areas in your life where you can reduce stressors. Here are some ideas on how to manage your stress levels through diet!


Be Kind to Yourself (and Your Body) Last but not least, remember to be kind to yourself and your body! We recommend starting simply by practicing self-love and gratitude. After all, studies show that practicing gratitude may actually enhance your wellbeing and have a positive impact on your mental health. Win, win!


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