Wedding Prep: Using Supplements to Get Ready for the Big Day

Wedding Prep: Using Supplements to Get Ready for the Big Day

Trish Chieffalo, our resident rollerblade enthusiast, is getting ready for her wedding. We discovered that she's taking an impressive arsenal of supplements to keep her feeling in tip-top shape, inside and out, and we just had to know more.


Vibrant Health: Hey,Trish! We heard you‚re getting married soon. (Congrats!) What are you doing to get ready?


TrishChieffalo:Thank you! Yes, the wedding is only a few weeks away! I am exercising as much as I can, trying to eat as healthy as possible, and, of course, taking my Vibrant Health supplements.I love being outside as much as possible‚so I go for a 30-minute run almost every night after work.Then I do full body work out at home for about 20 minutes that targets chest, shoulders, arms, legs and abs.


VH: What is your beauty supplement routine?


TC: I eat a pretty clean diet for the most part, but I don‚t always get all the nutrients that I need with just food. To make up for it, I take a half scoop of Green Vibrance every morning after breakfast, followed by my supplements: Super Natural C, Maximized Turmeric 46x, fish oil, vitamin D3 (when needed on the cloudier days) and Immune Defense to ward off any getting sick before the Big Day! At night I take half scoop each of Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support and Joint Vibrance mixed with unsweetened coconut milk (the kind you find in the refrigerator section of the grocery store). It makes for a tasty drink!


VH: Woah, good for you! How do you take your Green Vibrance?


TC: I also take Green Vibrance with unsweetened coconut milk.


VH: Why do you pick those supplements?


TC: I choose these supplements because they give me extra energy throughout the busy work week, and my mind is a bit sharper after taking Green Vibrance. Green Vibrance also provides those extra vitamins and minerals my body needs that I can‚t get from my normal diet. I take Vibrant Flora IBS and Joint Vibrance to maintain gut health, as a collagen booster, and for joint support‚because I do love to run, but it can put a lot of strain on my joints.  


VH: Let‚s be honest‚after the wedding, what will your daily routine look like?


TC: I hope I continue this health regimen after the wedding. I feel great!


VH: We‚re rooting for you! Does your future hubby take any of your supplements, too?


TC: Of course! He takes all the same products as I do.


VH: That‚s awesome. Okay, we have to ask‚what‚s your wedding going to be like? Rustic? Classic feel? Something else?


TC: The wedding will have a classic feel overlooking a beautiful lake in CT. It will be very simple, yet elegant. I am beyond excited for it 😊


VH: We‚re excited for you, too, Trish! Hope it‚s a blast!


TC: Thanks!


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