Vibrant Health for Pets: A Dog Interview

Vibrant Health for Pets: A Dog Interview

For the Pignatellos, Vibrant Health products aren't just for human kind. We got wind of Sarah and Larry's story about their pup, Stella, and we just had to know more.


How long have you been using Vibrant Health products?


I have been using Vibrant Health products for over 6 years.


We heard your dog, Stella, had some health issues recently. What happened?


We had two recent issues with Stella‚s health. The first was a few months ago, when she contracted papilloma from sharing a water bowl with another dog.The second issue was earlier this month when, on the Saturday morning of our first day of vacation, we noticed Stella had developed kennel cough.


Oh, man. What did you do about it the papilloma?


For the papilloma We brought Stella to the vet for the papilloma and we were told that, because it was a viral infection, we just had to wait it out. They told us that it would be 4-6 months for it to clear up on its own. Instead of waiting, we decided to start Stella on Gigartina RMA. We added one tablet to her food in the morning, and one at night.Everything had cleared up in 3-4 weeks!


What about the kennel cough?


Because it was a Saturday, we knew we couldn‚t get to the vet until Monday at the earliest. We started adding one capsule of Gigartina RMA and one capsule of BullsEye to her food, morning and night. By mid-week, we could tell the frequency of her cough had already decreased and by the next weekend it was gone completely. Each time, we open the capsules up and mixed it in with her food. She ate her food without issue and we didn‚t have to spend a ton of money on vet bills or prescriptions.


That‚s awesome. We love a success story. DoesStella use any products from the Vibrant Companions line?


To be honest, not yet. She is just over a year old. We would use Vibrant Health products before getting her on a prescription for anything that may come up in the future though!


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