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Attaining that Healthy Glow

    Spring is just around the corner. So what is one of the best things about spring and summer? The sun of course, and that healthy glowing tan! Personally, I am very guilty oftrying to be out in the sunshine day and night and soaking up those wonderful warm waves! But, we all need to be careful in the sunlight. Especially depending on the type of skin that you...

What's the difference between U.T. Vibrance and U.T. Biotic?

Crisis Intervention   When it comes to urogenital tract discomfort, U.T. Vibrance has what it takes to get you back in shape. Providing 5,000mg of D-mannose per serving, U.T. Vibrance is the most potent product available on the market today. D-mannose has been shown to keep E. coli (which is the culprit in many infections, including UTIs) from adhering to the linings of soft tissues. The molecular shape is similar,...

Green Vibrance: A farm to shaker story

  Farm-to-table is a common conversation among foodies today. And it‚s no wonder‚knowing the source of our food, and knowing that it‚s local and ethically sourced, is such a good feeling.   We aim to bring you the same experience with all our products, including our flagship, Green Vibrance. So much time and care goes into crafting our small batches. It takes four months from start to finish!   Finding...

Plant Protein and Heavy Metals: What You Need to Know

A new study by the Clean Label Project has uncovered the truth about what can be found in the market's protein powders‚other than the nutrients we expect.  The Clean Label Project, a non-profit organization, endeavors to educate and inform the public on the dangers of toxins in products and their adverse effects on our health. For protein powders, they posed a question: what's actually in the top-selling brands of protein...

6 Steps to a Premium Supplement

  What could it possibly take to make a batch of Green Vibrance? Find some awesome greens, whole foods and superfoods, powder 'em up, and mix them together, right? Well, sort of. But it's way, way more than that.   In fact, it takes four months from start to finish to make just one small batch of Green Vibrance. But the care and time we put into each batch is...

Vibrant Health for Pets: A Dog Interview

For the Pignatellos, Vibrant Health products aren't just for human kind. We got wind of Sarah and Larry's story about their pup, Stella, and we just had to know more.   How long have you been using Vibrant Health products?   I have been using Vibrant Health products for over 6 years.   We heard your dog, Stella, had some health issues recently. What happened?   We had two recent...