Strength Training: The Best New Addition to Your Exercise Routine

Strength Training: The Best New Addition to Your Exercise Routine

Getting older can be tough and can come with many different aches and pains. As a result, staying active is very important as it can help with mobility and decrease the risk of injury. One way to stay active is through intentional strength training. While strength training may conjure up images of body builders in the gym or getting "big and bulky", there is absolutely something for everyone.  Incorporating more strength training into your exercise routine can be incredibly beneficial to people of all ages and fitness backgrounds. 

Simply put, strength training is any type of exercise that uses either equipment or your own body weight to build strength, endurance, and increased muscle mass. Putting muscles under increased tension sparks muscle growth and can help you build strong, lean muscle over time. It can be done in the gym or even in the comfort of your own home with the right equipment. Read on for the unique ways that strength training can enhance your quality of life and health in the new year.   

Main Benefits to Strength Training 

1.      Can increase stamina: One notable benefit is that it can increase stamina and energy throughout the day. When done correctly, strength training can condition your body to sustain movement under heavier loads.  This means more energy for powering through your work day, playing with your kids, or even shoveling that snow in the driveway! 


2.     Building lean muscle can boost confidence: As you age, you naturally start to lose muscle. Doing strength training even three times a week can help you start to build lean muscle and carve out a physique you feel proud of. 


3.     Boosts metabolism: An incredible benefit of lifting weights is that it can boost your metabolism even after you have finished working out. All exercise boosts the metabolism in some way but strength training helps the body burn more calories at rest which also makes it very effective for weight loss in the long term.  


4.    Increases mobility + reduces risk of injury: Strength training can help the body to build strong muscles around a joint, resulting in greater stability. This type of training also tends to focus on more functional movements (standing, pushing, pulling) which can increase the joint's range of motion (also known as ROM). The results can lead to a reduced risk for injury and greater flexibility day to day. 


5.     Can increase bone density: Growing older, being less active, and poor nutrition can contribute to a decline in bone mass. Participating in muscle strengthening activities like strength and resistance training can help to preserve and build muscle mass that is critical for bone, joint, and muscle health. Stronger bones help to reduce the risk of fracture and even broken bones due to osteoporosis.  


Tips to Get the Most Out of Strength Training 

One key when it comes to adding in strength training is to start slow. Jumping in too fast to an intense strength routine can lead to anything from injury to giving up or just plain burnout in the gym. It is always wise to consult with a doctor before beginning a new routine and to get their OK, especially if you have not been very active recently.   

Warming up the body is another vital component as cold muscles can be much more prone to injury. This simple activity allows the body temperature to rise and for greater muscle elasticity.  Warming up through brisk walking, a jog, or dynamic stretching for 5-10 minutes pre-workout is vital to consider for lowering the risk of injury and improving workout performance.  

Supplementing and hydrating correctly are also key steps. A great product to supplement a healthy active lifestyle is Vibrant Health’s Joint Vibrance.  With 10,600 mg of Collagen, Joint Vibrance is a comprehensive rebuilding formula. These carefully chosen healing ingredients work to rebuild healthy bones, tendons, and cartilage while cushioning joints. Mix one level scoop of Joint Vibrance into 8 oz. of water or your favorite juice once daily and mix well. For maximum absorption take between meals.   

Different options for strength training 

  •          Resistance tubes: With varying levels of intensity and resistance, a resistance tube can be a great exercise tool that is light, portable for on-the-go, and provides good resistance.
  •          Free weights: A classic tool for strength training, free weights can help you monitor how you are progressing in your workouts. Starting with lower weights and tracking as you move up in weights is a great way to accomplish progressive overload and build muscle over a period of time.  
  •          Weight machines: Most gyms will have a variety of weight machines to choose from for incorporating upper body, lower body, and even core strength. If you’re new to hitting the gym it is recommended to have a trainer show you how to safely operate each machine.
  •          Body weight: Not all strength training needs to be using free weights or equipment! Using your own body through squats, jumping jacks, and push-ups is another way to push yourself and grow stronger using minimal equipment. 


If there is one thing to consider adding this year to your routine it is strength training. With so many rich physical and even mental benefits, there is a strength training option for you… even if you need to start small. Building muscle can help to strengthen the body from the inside out, keep weight off, and even increase your energy levels in your day-to-day life. Consider supplementing with Joint Vibrance so your body can support you in living a healthy radiant life where strong is the new normal!