Staying Vibrant on the Go

Staying Vibrant on the Go


Nothing depletes you faster than traveling. Not only is it stressful, it can leave your body feeling drained, dehydrated and longing for a nap. We've learned a few simple tricks over the years that help us stay healthy when we're on the go - and sharing is caring.


1. Make sure your skin is clean and hydrated.


Nothing is more bothersome that being on a long haul flight and feeling like your skin is screaming for some hydration, or worse, feeling like you desperately need to wash your face. This is why I always travel with cleansing wipes, these from Burt's Bees are gentle enough for my finicky skin and leave me feeling refreshed. Topping my skin off with a thick face cream, like this one from Shea Moisture, protects my skin against the drying effects of plane cabin air. The result? I feel hydrated and comfortable for my entire flight.


2. Don't forget a healthy snack.


Plane food can be pretty lack luster, and it doesn't always translate to the most healthy meal. Being prepared with wholesome snacks will keep you fuller, longer, so that you can avoid eating out of boredom or reaching for overly sugary or salty snacks while in flight. I usually default to something small but filling, like a handful of almonds or a granola bar.


3. Take your vitamins to go.


Having a convenient way to travel with your vitamins is a constant struggle. Packing large travel cases for my vitamins is not practical and it just adds extra weight to my, already full, check bag.Trilogy provides a solution for that problem. One packet of Trilogy provides me with a fish oil, probiotic and multivitamin - all I need when I'm away from home. It's convenient, light weight and keeps me feeling my best.


4. Protect your lips.


My lips become especially dry when I fly. Packing Gigartina Ointment in my carry on keeps my sensitive lips from peeling and chaping mid flight. It also works really well as a spot treatment on my eczema. Nothing else that I have tried has worked as well, and I truly can't live without it. I also love to throw a pretty lip gloss in my carry on. I can apply it right before we land to add a little touch of glam to my bare face.


5. Skip the coffee and alcohol.


It can be tempting to have a glass of wine or beer when you fly (or even coffee - hello jet lag), but it really does a number on your skin. Alcohol and coffee will further dehydrate you, not something you need when in an already overly dry environment. Instead, I ask for hot water and have a cup of tea. This Hibiscus tea from Traditional Medicinals is one of my favorites. Just don't forget to drink plain old water, not even tea can take its place. When I'm feeling adequately hydrated, I opt for Green Vibrance. This little packet gives me all of the probiotics I need, plus boosts my energy and immunity to fight any germs I may be exposed to in-flight.


6. Don't skip the deodorant.


Arguably the most important item on this list, nobody likes a smelly seat mate. The temperature on flights can be so unpredictable, that, plus close quarters might leave you wanting some extra protection. Pack deodorant just in case. Your neighbor will thank you.


Do you have some best practices for when you travel? Comment and share!


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