Amp Up Your Self-Care with these 4 Black-Owned New England Businesses

Amp Up Your Self-Care with these 4 Black-Owned New England Businesses

This Valentine‚s Day, give yourself a little extra love by making time for bettering yourself ‚ and your wellness ‚ through self-care. After all, self-care is a crucial part to living your best life (and there‚s absolutely nothing selfish about it if you ask us)! In honor of Black History Month, this week on the Vibrant Health blog we‚re sharing four black-owned businesses we‚re currently crushing on to help you take your self-care routine to the next level. Your Self-Care Focus: Nourish Your Skin from the Outside In Try: Organic Bath Co.| Boston, MA Founded By: Gianne Doherty Why We Love It: With their commitment to creating clean products that are easy to use, Organic Bath Co. takes the ‚work‚ out of self-care. Founded by Gianne Doherty ‚ along with her fianc© Jay Weeks ‚ the duo makes it simple for folks to nourish their skin, pamper themselves and create mini mindful moments throughout the day. Deep breath in and out‚ahh! A Note From Co-Founder Gianne Doherty: What Self-Care Means to Me: Self-care to me means being tuned into yourself and being proactive with your needs and wellbeing. Go-to OBC product for this season: My go-to product for these times is Organic Bath Co.‚s Peaceful Body Butter. Studies have shown that lavender is proven to help promote relaxation, and our Peaceful Body Butter is scented with Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil. It‚s a big part of my evening ritual; I use it every single evening! Currently Celebrating: I am so proud that Organic Bath Co. was the first ever black-owned popup in Boston‚s Seaport! The best part of my journey is paving the way for others, and showing other entrepreneurs that if you put your mind to something you will be unstoppable! Your Self-Care Focus: Create a Cleaner, More Eco-Friendly Home Try: LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls| Midcoast, ME Founded By: Cyndi Prince

Why We Love It: Self-care comes in many forms ‚ and goes beyond massages and mani pedis. Reduce the use of harmful chemicals in your home while giving your laundry a little extra TLC with LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls! Founded by Cyndi Prince in an effort to provide cleaner products for her family, these gems provide a natural alternative to chemical-laden dryer sheets. We love that they‚re made in Maine using 100% domestic wool! A Note from Founder Cyndi Prince: What Self-Care Means to Me:Self-care means taking time for myself and doing things that bring me joy. Being a mom, wife, entrepreneur and fitness instructor comes with a lot of responsibility and taking time for myself can get delayed or neglected. Each day, I carve out time for myself ‚ waking up earlier to have quiet time to write and reflect, going for early morning walks with my family, working out, spending time with my family, and reading. When I have more time on the weekends I consider sewing and cooking part of my self-care. The LooHoo Difference: LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls will naturally soften your clothes without the use of unwanted harmful chemicals contained in dryer sheets. LooHoos are reusable and will help circulate laundry more efficiently, reducing your dry time and saving you money. Currently Celebrating: LooHoo celebrated its 10th Anniversary this past October and I‚m so proud that our products and message of improving the health and wellbeing of families resonates deeply with our LooHoo community. We relaunched our Wooly Tug Toyslast fall and won an award with PEOPLE Magazine as the Top Pet Product for 2020. Your Focus: Fuel Your Body Through Clean Eating Try: Vibrant Health| Shelton, CT Founded By: Paige & Ted Parker

Why We Love It: We‚d be remiss if we didn‚t include Vibrant Health in the mix! Founded by Paige and Ted Parker, Vibrant Health takes pride in being a black-owned business dedicated to creating products you can trust. From probiotics to protein powders, we‚ve got everything you need to jumpstart your clean eating game. A Note From Co-Founder Ted Parker: What Self-Care Means to Me:Taking the time to realize the reality of my own mortality and the knowledge that my actions play a role in the prospect of longevity. I take a proactive roll in feeding my brain so I can best fuel my body. I try my best to get adequate rest. I have a diligent focus on ‚daily‚ exercise so I can at least achieve ‚five days a week‚...I‚m only human. And, of course comprehensive supplementation tailored to my individual needs and genetic predispositions. Go-to Product: Maximum Vibrance, for it takes the guesswork out of achieving a comprehensive approach to nutrition. We‚re all busy and sometimes I have too little time in the day to count out my individual supplements. When this is the case, Maximum Vibrance to the rescue! Currently Celebrating: Well, next year we celebrate our 30th year serving the nutritional needs of the end consumer! We have been able to deliver effective condition specific formulas and products for general health and wellness to so many. The countless testimonials over the past three decades, has given us motivation to continue on. We wake up everyday, excited to develop the next generation of advance human nutrition, for all we are fortunate enough to serve. Your Self-Care Focus: Moving (and Loving) Your Body Try: Trillfit| Boston, MA Founded By: Heather White

Why We Love It: With their inclusive slogan ‚Everyone Belongs,‚ Trillfit is taking the Boston fitness scene ‚ and beyond with their virtual classes ‚ by storm. Founded by Heather White, TRILLFIT is a purpose-driven wellness brand on a mission to shake up the face of group fitness and spread health accessibility ‚ particularly to communities of color. Social connection, self-love and acceptance are all part of the work they do, and we‚re here for it. Move your body and show yourself some extra love by taking one of their signature classes like Cardio Dance. It‚s a virtual ‚hip hop workout party‚ ‚ and yes, you‚re invited!
A Note From Founder Heather White:
What Self-Care Means to Me: Self-care means prioritizing my health, my wellness, and all that that entails. Audre Lorde said, "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." I feel the same way. In a world where Black people are murdered senselessly on the regular, caring for myself isn't just important - it's a part of my livelihood.
The TRILLFIT Experience: Someone can expect their first TRILLFIT class to be welcoming, fun, addictive and effective! Our classes are unmatched, our instructors are here with you (whether we're in-person or digital), and our community all works together to make it to the end of the 60 minutes. Expect to start class with a smile and to finish with buckets of sweat.
Currently Celebrating: I'm proud we've survived the pandemic so far! We've actually grown 15% despite keeping our studio closed for public health. I'm so proud that we've been able to stick to our commitments to the public andstillgrow our business digitally. It's incredible.