New Year, Same You: 16 Healthy Daily Habits to Continue in the New Year

New Year, Same You: 16 Healthy Daily Habits to Continue in the New Year

We’ve officially kicked off a New Year — and you’re likely being bombarded with campaigns boasting slogans like “New Year, New You.” While working on self-improvement can be helpful, there’s also something to be said for sticking to your same old healthy routine — that is, if it’s working for you! This month on the Vibrant Health blog, we’re sharing 16 daily healthy habits to continue this year (because the same you is kind of great).


16 Healthy Habits to Keep in the New Year

  1. Stick to Your Morning Routine
  2. Love Up Your Gut
  3. Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal
  4. Take Your Daily Supplements
  5. Eat (Or Drink) Your Greens
  6. Read for a Few Minutes a Day to De-Stress
  7. Incorporate Movement
  8. Sneak in Self-Care
  9. Get Quality Sleep
  10. Prioritize Your Mental Health
  11. Get Outside
  12. Choose Clean Beauty
  13. Apply a Daily SPF
  14. Connect with Loved Ones
  15. Take Time to Unplug
  16. Love Yourself First


Healthy Habit #1: Stick to Your Morning Routine

Healthy habits take time to form, which is why carving out time for your daily morning routine can be so beneficial. Start each day with a ritual that feels good to you and be consistent. This may include drinking a big glass of water, meditating, reciting positive affirmations or doing some gentle stretches. Here’s how to create your own healthy morning routine!


Healthy Habit #2: Love Up Your Gut 

Yup, gut health is still cool in the New Year — and we’re here for it. Exercise, eating organic seasonal foods and taking a daily probiotic can all contribute to a healthy gut microbiome. Here are some more simple ways to show your gut some love this season.


Healthy Habit #3: Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

If you’ve been diligent with daily gratitude practice, here’s your reminder to stick with it for a happier you. In fact, a 2020 study found that setting aside just 15 minutes a day for expressing gratitude can boost mental health and well-being. Keeping a daily gratitude journal — reflecting on what you’re grateful for — is a great way to carve out the time.


Healthy Habit #4: Take Your Supplements

Supplements can be a wonderful part of a healthy diet —  but not just any supplement. Our superfood supplements are created with only the highest quality ingredients, with nothing to hide!

Learn more about Vibrant Health’s supplements here. There’s something for everyone — from joint health to green superfood powders — supporting you no matter where you are on your health journey.


Healthy Habit #5: Eat (Or Drink) Your Greens

You can never have enough greens, and 2024 is the year to pile your plate (or smoothie cup) full of leafy greens. Try to sneak a green vegetable into each meal — by mixing spinach into your eggs, adding a handful of kale to your green smoothies and smoothie bowls or roasting broccoli to pair with your diner.


Healthy Habit #6: Read for a Few Minutes a Day to De-Stress

If you’re a bookworm, keep your head in those books even if you just have a few minutes! A study conducted by the University of Sussex found that reading — even for six minutes — can lower muscle tension and heart rate, reducing stress levels by 68 percent. Here are some other ways to reduce your stress in the New Year.


Healthy Habit #7: Incorporate Movement

Your New Year’s resolution doesn’t need to include joining a gym in order to be impactful. Simply dedicating time each day for moving your body is good enough. Try this 10-minute HIIT workout to get started!


Healthy Habit #8: Sneak in Self-Care

We know by now that self-care is not selfish, so don’t feel bad about sneaking in self-care any chance you get. Here are some simple ways to fill your cup by practicing self-care!


Healthy Habit #9: Get Quality Sleep 

Speaking of self-care, quality sleep is a biggie when it comes to your overall wellness. Here’s how you can continue or amplify your healthy sleep habits this year! 


Healthy Habit #10: Prioritize Your Mental Health

It’s always a good time to work on your mental health, and this year is no different. Each day, take time to nourish your mind and body with things that feel good — such as calling a best friend, going for a quick walk, soaking up some sunshine or enjoying your favorite cup of tea.

Also, be open to talking to your doctor or therapist if you need additional support when it comes to your mental health.  


Healthy Habit #11: Get Outside 

Want to do your mind and body some good? Go spend some time outside in nature! Not only is getting outside great for your physical health, but studies show it can also help support your mental health. Win, win!


Healthy Habit #12: Choose Clean Beauty

“Clean” beauty is in right now — and for good reason. Many mainstream beauty products are loaded with harmful ingredients — such as endocrine disruptors, parabens and other harmful chemicals. EWG's Skin Deep® is a great place to browse the safety of your personal care products. And when in doubt, make your own natural beauty products!


Healthy Habit #13: Apply a Daily SPF

You may be a stickler for applying sunscreen during the summer, but do you remember to apply during the winter too? Turns out, your skin can be damaged from UV rays even during the winter months — especially when you’re taking part in winter spots like skiing and snowboarding (as the sun can reflect off the snow). 

Stay on top of your sun safety routine by applying a daily SPF and wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Healthy Habit #14: Take Time to Unplug 

While it may not always be practical to go on a digital detox, you can take time to unplug each day — even if just for a few minutes. Practice mindfulness by enjoying an unplugged lunch outside, taking a break from social media or putting your phone in another room at the end of the workday (and not taking it with you in the bedroom).


Healthy Habit #15: Connect with Loved Ones

A growing body of research has found social connections to be instrumental in physical and mental health. Be sure to nourish those meaningful relationships — making time to connect with loved ones every day.


Healthy Habit #16: Love Yourself First

At the end of the day, it’s important to love yourself first and foremost by filling your own cup. Here are some feel-good ways to practice self-love in the New Year! 

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