How to Reduce Screen Time & Increase Your Peace This Fall

How to Reduce Screen Time & Increase Your Peace This Fall

As a society, we have never been as digitally connected as we are now but this has its consequences.  With the dawn of the digital era, smartphones, TVs, laptops, and other electronics are EVERYWHERE whether it’s in our pockets, in classrooms, and even with us at the dinner table.  

While it can be fun to capture life through an iPhone and engage with others being on a screen for too long can also lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, less quality sleep, as well as a lack of connections with others.  

Are you ready for a shift? We’ve got you covered. Here a number of simple ways to curb screen time and boost your inner peace for a fresh fall season. 

Set Boundaries With Screen Time  

As with anything, it is important to set clear boundaries. These days there are weekly Screen Time Reports that help you first assess how much time you are spending on your devices. From there, you can set specific time limits with “Downtime” where you can only access apps during a certain time frame. Instituting a “no phone” zone in the bedroom and using a traditional alarm clock can help you get a deeper, more peaceful sleep.  


Have Accountability & Do a Social Media Fast 

A social media fast can be helpful for hitting “refresh” for a new season and cutting down on distractions. It typically entails avoiding social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok for a specified period of time whether for a week or a month, or longer.  A social media fast can help free up your day-to-day with other more productive or restful activities. If you find yourself struggling to lower your screen time, pull in a buddy! You never know if a friend, co-worker, or family member wants a peaceful reset.  


Get Outdoors More  

Screens have a way of increasing anxiety and stress while getting outside into the fresh air can bring in the peace you crave! Studies have shown that time spent in a beautiful green space can lead to improvements in both mood and focus. Staying indoors on screens with little to no sun exposure can put someone at risk for too low levels of vitamin D. Making sure to get outside into nature can be a great way to get more vitamin D…but remember that SPF! 


Include “No TV” Nights  

While it can be so fun to catch up or binge your favorite Netflix show, instituting “no TV” nights for you or your family can help to curb TV time. In its place, you could play a board game as a family, have a solo self-care + bubble bath night, or simply connect in deeper conversation with those around you in person or over the phone! The options are endless and don’t have to cost you a dime.  


Less screen time can be very beneficial to cultivate more peace in the here and now but how else could it benefit you? 

  • Reduced stress and cognitive load 
  • Deeper sleep and more energy 
  • Sharper time management and productivity  
  • More time for real-life connections 
  • Less comparison to curated content 
  • More space to rest  
  • Time to learn and read more books