How to End 2023 on a High Note: Reflecting, Intention, and Goal-Setting

How to End 2023 on a High Note: Reflecting, Intention, and Goal-Setting

Ending the year on a high note can be a wonderful way to celebrate the previous year and head into a fresh season. While some may choose to delay New Year’s resolutions and goals until January 1, reflecting can help you finish this year strong and set new clear intentions and goals for the upcoming year.  With the right focus, determination, and planning, you can set yourself up for a positive and vibrant 2024!   

Positive Ways to End 2023 Strong

Reflect on what went well and what could improve

It is important to create space to reflect on how the last year went for you. Getting out a piece of paper or journal and writing out your highlights for the year, what challenges you overcame, how you did on your goals for the year, and your overall sense of fulfillment is a great place to begin. Intentional reflection can help you bridge the gaps between where you are and where you desire to go. One way to do this could also be booking an appointment with a therapist to process any emotions and experiences from the previous year to clear out space for the new!  

Practice Gratitude

While it can be easy to focus on the lack in our lives, gratitude can recenter us and help us become more grateful for what we already have. Take time to reflect and be grateful for the people, opportunities, and progress you made this year even if feels “small”. Practicing gratitude can enhance your sense of joy and provide that extra boost of motivation to keep working toward your goals on the days when you feel less motivated. 

Lock Down Your Morning Routine

Cultivating a morning routine has been shown to dramatically improve productivity throughout the day. Picking 2-3 healthy habits such as taking your daily vitamins, drinking a glass of water, journaling, or exercising can be positive ways to set the intention for the day even before the distractions of the day set in! One way to streamline your routine is by taking Trilogy, Vibrant Health’s newest 3-in-1 supplement. This powerful supplement contains three powerful essential supplements with a plant-based multivitamin, shelf-stable probiotic, and omega-3 in 1 capsule to simplify your routine without sacrificing on quality. For best results, take once daily with or after a meal. 

Prioritize Self-Care During the Holiday Season

Studies show that over 43% of Americans find themselves more stressed during the holidays than normal. Remember to create the time and space to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically. Prioritizing self-care could look like scheduling a therapy appointment, planning a quiet night in, or penciling in regular workouts to get your body moving. Being invited to a holiday event or gathering does not always mean you need to say yes. Saying “no” can help you stay on top of caring for yourself and your family well while prioritizing the things that matter most to you. 

Create a Plan and Break Down Your Goals Into Daily To-Do’s

Having big goals for yourself whether it is in your health and wellness or in your career can be inspiring. The key thing to do to achieve your goals is to first define the goal, identify a realistic timeframe or deadline, and to dig into why the goal is important to you. Look at what obstacles may come up for you that could prevent this goal and prepare for them! Then work on writing out a plan to achieve this goal and break down the steps and actions you will need to take day by day and week by week.  

Seek Out Support

If you are wanting to get more serious about achieving your goals in the new year, seek out a supportive network of people to cheer you on and hold you accountable. Hiring or working with a therapist, trainer, or coach to help you break the goal down and be regularly checking in can increase your chances of sticking with it. Studies show that having accountability for a goal increases your likelihood of achieving it by nearly 95%. 

Get Organized and Clean Out Your Space

Nothing says “hello” to a new year than getting rid of excess clutter, clothing, and things that do not serve you. Taking inventory of your space can help you uncover where you can throw away or donate things. Studies have shown that a clean organized space can contribute to increased feelings of relaxation and peace.  Ways to do this include donating excess clothes to a local thrift store, passing on décor you no longer use to a friend, and even cleaning out your pantry. Being organized during the holidays can increase your productivity and boost your self-esteem so you can navigate the holidays with more joy and less things cluttering up your space! 

Identify Ways to Give Back or Be Generous to Those in Need

Giving back can have a tremendous impact on the community as well as on your overall happiness. While everyone has different capacities, donating a box of clothes or volunteering at a local food bank around the holidays can strengthen a feeling of community as well as bolster feelings of fulfillment and happiness while giving back to those in need. To find the right opportunities, check out online volunteer platforms, local non-profit websites, and community centers in your area!  

As you end 2023, remember to give yourself grace and to celebrate every win no matter how small! Create reasonable goals for yourself, show up every day, and don’t be afraid to utilize accountability and support as you put your new goals into action so you can head into the New Year feeling vibrant and healthy!