7 Tips to Revamp Your Diet & Glow from the Inside Out

7 Tips to Revamp Your Diet & Glow from the Inside Out

Tired of the same old boring meals? Feeling tired and sluggish? It just might be time for a total diet revamp. Eating healthy does not have to be boring especially when it’s infused with a little creativity! If you’re seeking a lifestyle and diet glow-up, you’ve come to the right spot. 


1. Take inventory of your current diet and health habits

The best place to begin is authentically looking at your current lifestyle and habits. Being honest with yourself can help you take inventory of which habits to continue and where tweaking is necessary. Working on breaking just one unhealthy habit at a time is helpful to avoid overwhelm and stay committed. 

Health Tip: On a pad of paper make a list of healthy habits you currently practice and then write out habits you feel are unhealthy or you want to break. Another way to take inventory of habits is to keep a food log over a week to take note of the timing of meals, drinks, snacks, and overall food decisions. 


2. Educate yourself nutritionally

Understanding the basic building blocks of nutrition such as micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs) can help you build meals that keep you fuller longer and create better health over time. It is important to create space to learn and understand key nutritional principles to help make more conscious food decisions for you and your family. Before making any drastic lifestyle or dietary changes it is wise to first consult with your doctor or a registered dietician for best results. 

Health Tip: For a healthy and filling snack consider pairing a protein with either a fat or a carb. A piece of fresh fruit such an apple or banana paired with a handful of nuts or piece of string cheese can be a great fiber-rich snack to keep hunger at bay between meals.  

For another filling snack or meal replacement, consider making this protein-rich Banana Pecan Vibrance Smoothie. 


3. Focus on whole, unprocessed foods

Whole food is primarily unprocessed, free of harmful chemical additives, and is full of nutrients making it a great nutritional choice. While it can be hard to avoid processed food entirely, it is important to read labels carefully and to be on the lookout for brands with simpler ingredients. Adding in anti-inflammatory foods, heart-healthy foods, as well as foods that boost immunity are beneficial ways to increase health across the board as well as maintain a healthy weight. Focusing on what you are adding in versus what you are giving up is key. 

Health Tip: Reach for a few of these nutrient-dense foods and spices this week for a health boost or healthy snack at home or on-the-go! 

  • Anti-inflammatory foods: Berries, avocado, spinach, & broccoli  
  • Heart-healthy foods: Salmon, olive oil, walnuts, & almonds  
  • Immune-boosting foods: Citrus fruits, bell peppers, & turmeric 

4. Eyes on the prize: protein!

Protein has a number of glowing benefits you will want in on. Protein-rich foods can greatly increase satiety and feelings of fullness as well as reduce cravings. It is also known to help in building lean muscle and priming the metabolism for weight loss. While other nutrients play a key role, eating enough protein can help you to activate glowing skin, stronger nails, and shinier hair! 

Health Tip: There are a number of options for animal-based proteins (chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy products) as well as more plant-based proteins (beans, tofu, tempeh, seeds, and nuts). For a well-rounded diet, seek to incorporate a variety of protein sources for a broad range of essential amino acids and nutrients. 


5. Consider gut health and find ways to multi-task

One helpful way to get in a variety of superfoods, micronutrients, and probiotics into your diet is through Green Vibrance. Available in a brand-new blueberry lemon flavor, Green Vibrance is a multi-tasking greens powder perfect for those on-the-go. With 25 billion probiotics and 2730 mg of plant-based micronutrients, this greens powder can help provide better nutrition, circulation, immunity, and digestion. Better gut health can mean a happier, healthier you! 

Health Tip: For best results mix 1 scoop of Green Vibrance in with water, your favorite smoothie, or your juice of choice. Due to the live probiotic content, refrigerate upon opening. Blend and enjoy! 


6. Eliminate an “all or nothing” mindset

Having a black and white mindset when it comes to food or healthy habits can become unhealthy both mentally and physically! Drastically cutting out certain food groups or calories typically leads to increased feelings of unhappiness and deprivation. Remember to be realistic with your goals and find ways to incorporate your favorite foods whether it be through finding healthier alternatives or choosing to treat yourself on occasion.  

Health Tip: With a health coach, expert, or on your own write out some of these “all or nothing” beliefs. Notice how these negative beliefs make you feel and create space to reframe them in a positive and more balanced way. Rewriting these narratives can help you take a more balanced approach where all food groups fit. 


7. Drink up for better health

With so many sugary drinks on the market, it is important to reach for drinks that can better your health and hydrate you. Drinking enough water everyday can help increase energy as well as lead to better overall digestion. Water helps break down food you have eaten and absorb its nutrients. Drinking enough water can also play a key role in creating a more glowing, hydrated complexion.   

Health Tip: Focusing on gut-healthy drinks such as bone broth, water with lemon, green tea, and kombucha can provide a great health, immune, and gut boost. Incorporating these can help you stay on track and add in key nutrients along the way! 

As you assess your current diet and routine, have grace for yourself. Seeking out accountability for new healthy eating and lifestyle habits (especially in the beginning) can set you up for long-term success. It is important to educate yourself and plan ahead as this can help you from falling back into unhealthy habits. Long-term change does not occur overnight but it begins with taking that first step to spark that inner and outer health glow-up you are craving!