7 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Spread Positivity (Even During a Pandemic)

7 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Spread Positivity (Even During a Pandemic)

This month celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day ‚ a day encouraging doing good for others through simple kind acts. While it‚s officially held on Thursday February 17th, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation celebrates the entire week ‚ encouraging others to "make kindness the norm."


And as we enter the third year of a global pandemic with the virus still spreading, now more than ever it‚s important to spread kindness to others. After all, you just never know what someone else is going through. Today on the Vibrant Health blog, we‚re sharing seven simple random acts of kindness ideas to try this month!


7 Ways to Spread Kindness this Month

  1. Share Happy News
  2. Leave Kind Messages Out in Nature
  3. Send Snail Mail to a Loved One
  4. Drop Off a Surprise Care Package to a Friend
  5. Treat Someone in the Drive-Through Line
  6. Lend Your Neighbor a Hand
  7. Show Local Businesses the Love


Share Happy News


I think it‚s safe to say we could all use some more good news these days! Share happy news with a friend by sending a feel-good article or funny meme.


The @givingeveryday instagram account is a great place to spark inspiration ‚ spreading good news and acts of kindness daily. You can use #givegoodnews to get in on the action!


Treat Someone in the Drive-Through Line


Next time you‚re waiting in that long drive-through line for lunch or coffee, consider treating the car behind you. This unexpected surprise is a surefire way to make someone‚s day with some feel-good fuel!


Leave Kind Messages out in Nature


The beauty of random acts of kindness: you don‚t even have to meet someone in person to make a positive impact on them. One unique and crafty way to spread kindness out into the world is through leaving inspirational messages out in nature.


Think: painting kindness rocks to leave along a trail, drawing joyful pictures on the side-walk with chalk, or writing positive messages in the beach sand. This activity is also a wonderful way to involve children, instilling the importance of being kind.


Send Snail Mail to a Loved One


Random acts of kindness should be pleasantly unexpected (they are random after all) ‚ like receiving a letter in the mail totally out of the blue!


Write a handwritten letter to send to a loved one ‚just because.‚ It could include a poem, motivational quotes, or even a list of why you‚re grateful for them.


Drop Off a Surprise Care Package to a Friend


Want to help take a load off someone else‚s plate? Consider putting together a thoughtful care package for a loved one going through a particularly tough time ‚ be it a new parent, someone who isn‚t feeling well, or a grieving friend.


You could include a variety of healthy snacks, self-care products, or even cook their favorite meal. Hand-deliver it or leave it on their porch with a little note saying "thinking of you!"


Lend Your Neighbor a Hand


You don‚t have to spend money to do good! Give the generous gift of your time by lending a hand to your neighbor ‚ helping out with yard work, shoveling snow or taking out their trash. A little help goes a long way!


Show the Love to Local Businesses Are you a raving fan of the new restaurant that just opened up in town or don‚t know what you‚d do without your hairdresser you‚ve been seeing for years? Let them know!


Show some extra love to your favorite local businesses by leaving a 5-star review, giving a shout out on social media or referring them to a friend to spread the word. Want to double-down on your random act of kindness? Consider purchasing a gift card to your favorite local business to gift to a friend. Win, win!


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