6 Tips to Streamline Your Health Routine This Fall

6 Tips to Streamline Your Health Routine This Fall

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin 

Desiring a simple, stress-free health routine? You’re not alone! When busy schedules kick into full gear sticking to a routine can feel overcomplicated and time-consuming. Your time is precious and streamlining your routine can help you step out of chaos and into the healthiest, most productive version of you. No more wasting time on complicated trendy health routines that don’t work with your schedule. Read on for a breakdown on how to streamline your routine, cut out the noise, and design a curated health routine just for you this fall.  

Design A Routine That Works For YOU

When deciding on what you want to include in your routine, it is important to think of 3 things: your stage of life, your current health, and your goals. A health routine for a mom of 3 kids will likely look much different than the routine of a 25-year-old single person. Be realistic with the season of life you are in and don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from those around you!  

Action step: Take a few minutes to write out your stage of life, your current health, and your goals on a piece of paper. Taking this time to reflect on these important factors can help you create a sustainable routine that will support your overall health and wellbeing. It is always wise to consult with your physician before beginning a new routine or making any drastic changes! 

Become An Early Bird

Life gets busy and waking up earlier can make space for a life-giving routine all before the workday begins. One benefit of waking up earlier is that it can help to regulate your circadian rhythm. Being up earlier also allows for more time to eat a healthy breakfast, get in some movement, and set the tone for a more productive day. Knowing your goals and season of life can help you determine what wake up time is preferable to you. Making sure to get about 7-8 hours of sleep per night can help set you up to be well rested and ready to take on the day! 

Action step: If you’re desiring to wake up earlier start by setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier than normal. Slowly setting your wake-up time earlier in increments day by day can ensure you aren’t overly tired and your body has enough time to adjust.  

Prep The Night Before

Rushed mornings are no fun and prepping the night before can save you the extra stress and anxiety. Things like setting out your outfit for the next day, packing a lunch, prepping the coffee machine, setting out vitamins, and even planning out your workout clothes are simple ways to cut out some of that morning chaos!   

Action step: If you find yourself stressing over the next day before bed try a “brain dump” at night. This could look like writing out important to-dos or goals for the following day. Doing this can help you fall asleep more easily and limit important life to-do’s from falling through the cracks.   

Simplify Your Supplements

Nearly 92% of the population is suffering from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency and a great starting place is conducting a simple blood test to detect deficiencies. Taking a quality supplement that you trust can help. Vibrant Health’s Trilogy is a plant-based multivitamin, omega-3, and probiotic all in one capsule. Available in both a vegan and non-vegan formula, this dynamic new supplement is designed to take the guesswork out for you and provide vital health support for the entire body. 

Action step: Set out your vitamins in a highly visible spot (for example, next to the coffee pot) to help serve as a reminder to take them. Consistency is key so don’t forget to take those vitamins along with you in your travels in order to see results. 

Make Time For Stress Management

When the pace of life picks up, don’t forget to squeeze in time to release pent-up stress. Chronic stress can lead to a myriad of health issues in the long and short term such as a weakened immune system, weight gain, anxiety, and more. Incorporating stress-reduction techniques such as breathwork, meditation, or journaling for even 5-10 minutes can work wonders for your peace of mind and lower overall stress levels.  

Action step: New to meditation? There are wonderful guided meditations with positive messaging and breathwork available online for free! Creating sacred space for 5 minutes of silence before the day begins can be a powerful way to start the day with clarity and focus.  

Commit To Movement

Walking, cycling, or yoga for 20- 30 minutes a day are simple ways to kickstart your day with purpose and intention…no fancy workout equipment is needed! Studies have shown that working out in the morning can improve cognitive function by stimulating brain activity as well as increasing alertness and concentration. It can also help you to put your health first, eliminate common distractions, and streamline your day! 

Action step: Try blocking out a 20–30-minute window of time in your calendar in the morning, over your lunch hour, or after work to exercise. If mornings aren’t feasible for you, be flexible and have grace. Find the optimal time that works for you and stick to it. For added accountability, ask a friend or family member to work out along with you! 

Don’t let the trendy health fads phase you. Busy lives call for simple, streamlined routines that include high-quality sleep, sunlight, movement, nutrition, and supplementation. Tracking your progress and using technology to your advantage can help you track your water intake, step count, sleep quality, and even weight. Each new phase of life calls for different priorities and a new version of you to rise. Aligning your goals and season of life can help you create a vibrant health routine that keeps up with you whether at home or on-the-go!