6 Relaxations Tips to Fend Off Holiday Stress + Keep Your Cool this Holiday Season

6 Relaxations Tips to Fend Off Holiday Stress + Keep Your Cool this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a wonderful time to gather and make special memories but they can also be a time where we can feel stretched beyond our limits. With requests coming in left and right for parties, family gatherings, and a laundry list of gifts and décor to buy it can leave us with no blank space or time to unwind.  This year it’s time to practice the art of slowing down and filling your own cup intentionally. Read on for key ways to fend off holiday stress and dial in your peace in the midst of holiday busyness!  

1. Maintain Healthy Habits and a Wellness Routine  

With so many extra events and things on your plate, sometimes a solid wellness routine can be the first thing to go…however this could be what you need most! First identify the activities and practices you want to incorporate in your customized routine with things like exercise, stress management, and organization. Adding things like waking up 10 minutes earlier, stretching/walking, and having a healthy balanced breakfast can get you started on the right foot for the day. One easy addition to your wellness routine is Green Vibrance. This plant-based superfood powder contains 4.5 servings of fruits and veggies and pairs perfectly with your morning smoothie or glass of orange juice. With 25 billion probiotics to promote gut health, Green Vibrance offers digestive as well as immune support.  Picking a few things to nail down your morning routine can make wellness more accessible during a busy holiday season.  

2. Plan Ahead and Be Willing to Say “No” to Unaligned Things  

One way to avoid holiday overwhelm and stress is planning ahead. Being willing to look at the various holiday requests coming in can help you and your family sift through which parties, events, and requests align with your current season and life priorities. Keeping a monthly calendar or planner can help you see which weeks will be busier and can help keep you from double-booking yourself. Giving yourself 24-hours or more to respond to requests can be a great way to be realistic with your commitments and keep balance for you and your family.  

3. Fill in Nutritional Gaps With Supplementation 

Having a packed holiday roster can sometimes mean less time to meal prep or plan ahead. Supplementing with a quality multi-vitamin or supplement can be a great way to bridge the gap and get some of the extra nutrients that you might be missing. An easy addition to the morning line-up is Vibrant Health’s newest launch Trilogy. This 3-in-1 supplement is designed to take the guesswork out for you with a plant-based multivitamin, omega-3, and a shelf-stable probiotic with 20 billion CFU. Say goodbye to rifling through 10 different vitamin bottles in the morning! For best results it is recommended to take Trilogy once a day with or after a meal. 

4. Spend Time Outside Everyday  

While the holidays often mean colder weather and more time indoors, getting outside can have some impressive benefits. Studies have shown that being outside in nature can be a great mood booster as well as way to increase your focus and attention. Getting time outside has also been shown to reduce stress, cortisol levels, and heart rates which can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Taking a break from being on your phone or on screens to go outside can help you prioritize your peace and become more grounded day-to-day. 

5. Prioritize Time With Life-giving People 

The holidays can be full of family and corporate gatherings and this may mean more time around more draining individuals. To balance this out, plan time with the life-giving friends and people in your life who encourage you and lift you up! Being around other positive people can boost your mood, sense of positivity, as well as your outlook in a busy season. Life-giving people can also be a great listening ear and source of comfort as challenges arise. Prioritizing time could look like planning a morning walk or even grabbing coffee with a friend after work one day. The key is creating the space and time to be around the people that truly matter and leave you better.  

6. Cultivate Time in The Silence to Unwind and Relax 

In an overly stimulated world, it is important to cultivate spaces of silence and rest. For some the best time for this could be in the mornings and for others it may be at night before bed. If silence feels a bit uncomfortable for you, try turning on some peaceful music and journal an intention or hope for the day. Turning off the radio in the car for a change, making space for a yoga practice, or going for a walk outside in nature sans phone can help calm the mind.  Being realistic with the demands of your schedule and season can help you figure out the best space for you.  

When you find yourself getting stuck in holiday overwhelm or stress, take a deep breath and take things one day and moment at a time. The holidays can be hectic but slowing down to nourish yourself, move your body, and prioritize the things (and people) that count make all the difference. Cultivating spaces of peace can help you keep your cool and anchor you into a place of clarity, joy, and self-awareness to face whatever the holidays bring your way!