6 Feel-Good Winter Self-Care Items to Add into Your Wellness Routine for Mood & Stress Relief

6 Feel-Good Winter Self-Care Items to Add into Your Wellness Routine for Mood & Stress Relief

It‚s cold, you‚re cooped up inside and you‚ve been in a funk since the New Year. Whether you‚re struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), experiencing winter blues or simply longing for sunny beach days, let‚s face it: winter is here to stay for another couple months. This week on the Vibrant Health blog, we‚re sharing six self-care items to add into your wellness routine this season to boost your mood and bring on those cozy vibes.


6 Feel-Good Winter Self-Care Items


Winter Self Care Item #1: Weighted Blanket


If this time of year makes you just want to cozy up on the couch with a blanket, we say go for it! And while you‚re at it, make it a weighted blanket. While research is still relatively new, studies have found weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety.


This blanket by Baloo Living is made with nontoxic natural materials, and is designed to promote relaxation and calm. An evening ritual must!


Winter Self Care Item #2: Chocolate


Chocolate as self-care? Yup, you heard that right. Studies have shown the antioxidants and flavonoids in cocoa can have a positive impact on mood and brain health.


Get your mood-boosting chocolate fix with these Chocolate Coconut Power Bites ‚ made with cacao nibs and our Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut powder.


Winter Self Care Item #3: Light Box


If you‚re struggling with the winter blues or SAD, light therapy can be an effective treatment option. Consider investing in a Sun Lamp such as this one by Carex, designed to safely and effectively support mental health, sleep and energy levels. With two convenient settings, it can be used for light therapy or a desk lamp while you work.


Winter Self Care Item #4: Epsom Salts


There's nothing like a hot soak in the tub to warm up and melt the stress away during winter months. Take your bathtime routine up a notch by adding epsom salts to the water!


Made with magnesium sulfate and natural essential oils, epsom salt soaks like these by Dr Teal‚s can help soothe sore muscles and relieve stress. Win, win!


Winter Self Care Item #5: Houseplants


Spending more time indoors during the winter months can take a toll on your mood, so why not bring the outdoors in?


Stock up on succulents and other indoor houseplants to add some earthy energy to your home this winter. Not only are they nice to look at, but research has found indoor plants can promote calm and wellbeing by reducing stress.


Winter Self Care Item #6: Dry Brush


If you‚ve never tried dry brushing before, this winter is the perfect time to give it a go! Not only can it help increase circulation and exfoliate your skin for a healthy glow, but according to Cleveland Clinic this self-care ritual also stimulates the nervous system ‚ leaving you feeling energized and refreshed.


Dry brushes are super budget-friendly, and you can grab one for yourself for less than $20 like this all-natural one by Esker.


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