5 Ways to Practice Gratitude this Holiday Season (in the Midst of a Pandemic)

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude this Holiday Season (in the Midst of a Pandemic)

With Thanksgiving around the corner, ‚òtis the season for giving thanks. That being said, if you‚re not feeling your usual grateful self this year you‚re not alone. It can be challenging to find things to be grateful for during difficult times ‚ like a global pandemic ‚ but it‚s more important now than ever. In fact, studies show that practicing gratitude may enhance our wellbeing and havea positive impact on one‚s mental health to boot. This week on the Vibrant Health blog, we‚re sharing five ways to practice gratitude this holiday season (even when you‚re not feeling in the spirit). 5 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude this Season
  1. Celebrate the Small Wins
  2. Be Grateful for Your Health & Your Body
  3. Start a Daily Gratitude Journal or Jar
  4. Share Your Appreciation for Others
  5. Be Thankful for Technology
  1. Celebrate the Small Wins
Life surely looks different these days, and you‚ve likely had to make some adjustments ‚ be it working from home, taking on distance learning with your children or simply getting used to the new ‚norm.‚ Allow yourself to feel all the emotions and give yourself some grace by celebrating the little wins ‚ like getting dinner on the table or completing a work task. Remember: you‚re doing enough; there‚s no need to be superman or superwoman.
  1. Be Grateful for Your Health & Your Body
As we continue to navigate Covid-19 and approach flu season, it‚s a perfect time to step back and be grateful for your health. A great way to express gratitude for your body is by taking care of yourself ‚ nourishing your body with immune-boosting superfoods and practicing self-care. Be kind to your body and your body will love you right back!
  1. Start a Daily Gratitude Journal or Jar
While being grateful can be challenging during trying times, that doesn‚t mean it‚s not possible ‚ it just takes a bit more effort. If you don‚t already have a daily gratitude practice, now is a perfect time to start your new routine. One way to do so is by writing in a gratitude journal. Each morning, simply write down one to three things you are grateful for ‚ and take a moment to reflect upon your entry throughout the day. If writing isn‚t your thing, you may want to consider creating a gratitude jar ‚ a mason jar filled with little notes of gratitude. This method can be especially fun to get the whole family involved!
  1. Share Your Appreciation for Others
Now more than ever, it‚s important to have a support system of friends and colleagues you can lean on ‚ even if it‚s virtually for the most part. Be sure to let those people in your circle know just how much they mean to you ‚ by writing a handwritten note, surprising a hardworking employee with a cup of coffee or small gift, or simply calling up a friend to say, ‚Thank you.‚ Simple acts of appreciation can go a long way!
  1. Be Thankful for Technology
While technology can be frustrating at times, there‚s no denying it‚s made our lives a lot simpler during this pandemic. If you‚re feeling frustrated that you‚re working from home or can‚t go out for your weekly happy hours with your best friends, take a moment to stop and appreciate what you can do. Think: office zoom meetings, digital dance parties or cooking classes, and virtual cocktail hours with your besties. Technology is certainly something on our gratitude list this year! What are you thankful for this season? Let us know by tagging us @VibrantHealth on social!