5 Healthy Ways to Destress Before the Holidays

5 Healthy Ways to Destress Before the Holidays

5 Healthy Ways to Destress Before the Holidays


As we welcome November, does even the thought of the holiday season stress you out to the max? If you‚re struggling to find your inner calm this time of year, you‚re not alone. In fact, November 3rd is National Stress Awareness Day ‚ an annual recognition of all the stressors in our lives (and what to do about it).


This year, get ahead of the game by being proactive ‚ facing your holiday stress triggers head on before they get the best of you! Today on the Vibrant Health blog, we‚re sharing five healthy ways to destress before the holiday season gets here.


Feeling Stressed? Here are 5 Healthy Ways to Find Your Zen This Holiday Season


  1. Get a Jumpstart on Holiday Shopping

  2. Practice Gratitude

  3. Take a Look at Your Diet

  4. Create Your Own Holiday Traditions

  5. Take a Deep Breath


  1. Get a Jumpstart on Holiday Shopping


There‚s no need to wait until Black Friday to get your holiday shopping started! If the thought of crowded malls and hunting for the perfect gift stresses you out, get a headstart on shopping now by making a list. Avoid any unnecessary stress by doing it your way! If Back Friday gives you anxiety, opt for online shopping from the comfort of your home. If you can‚t stand Big Box stores, shop small. And if the thought of buying gifts in general makes your head spin, put your creative cap on and try making your own gifts this year.


  1. Practice Gratitude


When life starts to feel chaotic, take it as a sign to slow down. One way to slow down and live in the present is by practicing gratitude. Not only does it feel good to focus on what you‚re thankful for, but studies have found counting your blessings can have a positive impact on your mood and overall wellbeing. Get in the spirit with this nutrient-rich Gratitude Smoothie Bowl! Here are 5 ways to practice gratitude this holiday season!


  1. Take a Look at Your Diet


Did you know your diet can help you manage your stress levels? Before you let holiday stress get the best of you, take a look at some simple changes you can make to your diet. Loading up on complex carbohydrates like whole grains, healthy proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids, certain minerals and supplements can help you cope with stress. Limiting your intake of added sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods can also help you naturally manage your stress levels through diet.


  1. Create Your Own Holiday Traditions


The best part about holiday traditions is that you can do what works best for your family. They are yourtraditions after all! Ask yourself which activities truly bring you joy, and consider letting go of any that feel like a burden. Whether it be sending out holiday cards, pictures with Santa, gift swaps or parties, assess the activities that feel good to you and consider creating some new traditions.


  1. Take a Deep Breath


Let‚s all take a collective deep breath together. Doesn‚t that feel good? Turns out, diaphragmatic breathing (deep belly breaths) may help improve cortisol levels in turn reducing psychological stress. Try incorporating deep breathing into your wellness routine ‚ be it through meditation, yoga practice or simply taking a few slow, mindful breaths when you need some calm.


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