5 Outdoor Workouts to Try this Spring

5 Outdoor Workouts to Try this Spring

Spring is officially here and gracing us with some warmer temperatures. With the mild weather, we’re doing everything we can to spend more time outside (including taking our workouts outdoors too). This April on the Vibrant Health blog, we’re sharing five outdoor workouts to try this season for every type of wellness goal — from connecting with nature to full bodyweight circuits!  


5 Outdoor Spring Workout Ideas   

  1. Take a Hike 
  2. Sign Up for a Local Road Race 
  3. Hit the Bike Trails 
  4. Try a Total-Body Outdoor Workout Circuit 
  5. Take Your Yoga Flow Outside     


If You Want to Connect with Nature, Try: Taking a Hike 

Craving some unplugged time away from the hustle-bustle? Plan a day hike to connect with nature. Choose a hiking trail near you, based on your desired difficulty level. You can browse TrailLink to find the best hiking and walking trails in your area!  

If You Want to Connect with Others, Try: Signing Up for a Local Road Race  

Looking to connect with other like-minded people in your community, while also getting fit? Signing up for a spring road race is the perfect option for you! Whether you’re looking for a 5K fun run/walk or you’re ready for your first Half Marathon, there are race options for everyone. Browse Running in the USA to search events by state, city, or region.  

If You Want a Low Impact Adventure, Try: Hitting the Bike Trails  

If you’re someone who enjoys indoor cycling, this spring you’ll love taking your biking outdoors on the road! As a low-impact exercise, biking provides an excellent cardio workout without putting too much strain on the body. Look for biking trails near you to pave your own adventure!   

If You Want a HIIT Bodyweight Workout, Try: This Total-Body Outdoor Workout Circuit  

Looking for an equipment-free workout that gets the job done? Hit the park for a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) routine utilizing your own body weight.  

We love this 30-minute Total-Body Workout Circuit from Shape magazine! It includes everything from park-bench dips to side shuffles for a complete full-body workout. Bonus: all you need is an open space and a park bench! 

If You Want to Be More Mindful, Try: Taking Your Yoga Flow Outside  

If bringing more mindfulness into your life is one of your spring wellness goals, try taking your yoga flow outdoors! Head outside and try some simple yoga stretches or do this quick 20-minute Detox Flow by Yoga with Adreine. With lots of detoxifying twists and gentle movement, this cleansing flow is perfect for springtime renewal.   


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