5 Lifestyle & Wellness Hacks to Promote Healthy Aging

5 Lifestyle & Wellness Hacks to Promote Healthy Aging

Along with back-to-school and our favorite fall activities, this September we‚re also celebrating Healthy Aging Month ‚ dedicated to bettering one‚s health as you grow older.


Here at Vibrant Health, we believe health is an inside job ‚ and taking care of your physical health is just as important as your mental and emotional health (no matter what your age is). This week on the blog, we‚re sharing five lifestyle and wellness hacks to promote healthy aging...because you deserve it!


  1. Optimize Your Diet with Whole Foods and Supplements
  2. Develop an Exercise Routine that Works for You
  3. Prioritize Your Sleep
  4. Discover a Hobby You Love & Stay Active
  5. Stay Up to Date on Your Wellness Checkups & Mental Health


Optimize Your Diet with Whole Foods and Supplements


We know that proper hydration and whole, nutrient-rich foods is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. A good place to start? Load up on your fruits and veggies! One study found that older adults who skimp on produce are at a greater risk of skeletal muscle decline over time.


You can also keep your aging joints healthy with a high-quality supplement like our Joint Vibrance superfood powder ‚ packed with antioxidants, nutrients and collagen to aid in rebuilding cartilage while reducing pain and inflammation. Win, win!


Develop an Exercise Routine that Works for You


We know exercise is good for us, but did you know it plays a key role in staying healthy as you age? Research shows that regular exercise over your lifespan is linked with a longer life and health longevity, potentially delaying the onset of 40 different chronic diseases!


Be sure to find an exercise routine that works for you ‚ be it yoga, jogging, aerobics or strength-training ‚ and stick to it.


Discover a Hobby You Love & Stay Active


Perhaps just as important as exercising your body is exercising your mind. Keep your brain in tip-top shape as you grow older by staying active and finding a hobby you love.


Research shows that leisure activities ‚ like playing board games or musical instruments ‚ can reduce the risk of developing dementia. Not to mention, staying socially active in the community through volunteering has a positive impact on older adult's overall wellbeing.


Prioritize Your Sleep


Are you getting enough sleep? If you want to age gracefully (and healthfully), it‚s about time you prioritize your shuteye. After all, poor sleep habits have been linked with cognitive decline and dementia, which are commonly found in aging adults.


Here are some simple tips to help you get a healthy night‚s sleep!


Stay Up to Date on Your Wellness Checkups & Mental Health We‚ve talked about the importance of staying up to date on your routine wellness visits for both men and women‚s health, and it‚s just as important as ever to do so as you age! In addition to routine physical exams, you‚ll want to schedule a colonoscopy by the age of 50 (or sooner if cancer runs in the family), as well as regular mammograms and cervical cancer screenings for women.


And just as important as your physical health is checking in on your mental health. After all, according to the CDC, 20% of people over 55 experience a mental health concern including anxiety or depression. That‚s why it‚s more important than ever to speak up and get the support needed.


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