5 Fresh Ideas to Practice Self-Love in the New Year

5 Fresh Ideas to Practice Self-Love in the New Year

January is Self-Love Month, which is all about taking time to appreciate yourself by prioritizing your joy and wellbeing. While self-love can be somewhat of a buzzword these days, the intention behind — focusing on your personal happiness — is invaluable. This month on the Vibrant Health blog, we’re sharing five fresh ideas to practice self-love in the new year!

5 New Self-Love Ideas for 2023

  1. Be Intentional With How You Fill Your Cup
  2. Do a Self-Massage
  3. Get Comfortable with Saying No
  4. Invest in Your Personal Wellbeing
  5. Identify Your (Self) Love Language 


  1. Be Intentional With How You Fill Your Cup: You’ve all heard the saying “you can’t drink from an empty cup.” Any while it’s important to fill your cup first, this year go the extra mile by being intentional with how you fill your cup. Are you filling it with things that truly bring you joy, or are you carrying too much on your plate? Be honest with yourself.

  2. Do a Self-Massage: Sure, massages are great for self-care, but the ultimate act of self-love (and self-care) is a self-massage! Gently move your fingers to massage your body in areas that hold tension — including your scalp, jaw, neck and shoulders. Here are some more at-home self-care techniques to try this winter.

  3. Get Comfortable with Saying No: If you’re a professional people pleaser, make 2023 the year you get comfortable saying no. Do you really have time to take on that extra work project? Do you want to go out or would you rather stay in? Does the email or text message need a response right away or can it wait until the morning? Remember it’s 100% OK to say no. In fact, setting clear boundaries is a healthy way to prioritize your own needs — making it the ultimate act of self-love.
  4. Invest in Your Personal Wellbeing: You shouldn’t feel guilty for spending money on yourself — especially when it’s something to enhance your happiness. This year, set aside funds to invest in your personal wellbeing — be it through self-development courses, retreats, regular massages or yoga classes. Here’s how you can align your finances with your personal goals
  5. Identify Your (Self) Love Language: You may be familiar with The 5 Love Languages — uncovering the different ways we give and receive love in relationships. But what about the relationship with yourself?


Consider taking the free quiz to help you understand the way(s) you best receive love: quality time, acts of service, positive affirmations, physical touch, and receiving gifts. Then, based on your results, show yourself some extra love. For example, if your love language is receiving gifts, consider buying yourself flowers to brighten up your home!