5 Family-Friendly Ways to Embrace the Great Outdoors this Season

5 Family-Friendly Ways to Embrace the Great Outdoors this Season

As the weather cools down, more and more activities are moving indoors this season. However, a little crisp air shouldn't stop you from spending time outside!


After all, studies have shown that being in nature can improve your health ‚ including a boost in mood and self-esteem. Not to mention, the CDC states that being outside is the safer choice when it comes to limiting the spread of the virus. And with winter just around the corner (along with winter blues that comes with the seasonal shift), we‚ll take all the feel-good healthy vibes we can get.


This week on the Vibrant Health blog, we‚re sharing five family-friendly ways to get out and embrace the great outdoors this season.


  1. Take a Hike

  2. Host an Outdoor Family-Style Dinner

  3. Sign up for a Turkey Trot

  4. Visit a Local Farmer's Market

  5. Get Crafty with Nature


  1. Take a Hike

Throw on some extra layers, lace up and venture out for a hike! November 17th is National Take a Hike Day ‚ encouraging you to hit the trails and breathe in that fresh mountain air. Pack a smoothie in your Blender Bottle or whip up this Sweet & Salty Trail Mix for on-the-go fuel for you and your hiking pals!


  1. Host an Outdoor Family-Style Dinner

If you‚re trying to avoid larger crowds and indoor gatherings, hosting an outdoor dinner party is a great option. Gather friends and family together around a family-style table setting, and have everyone contribute a fall potluck dish.


Soak up the magic of the fall season with music, hot apple cider, twinkling lights and a bonfire to close out the evening. This is also a wonderful way to celebrate Friendsgiving with your closest friends!


Need some fall recipe inspiration? Try these 7 vegan Thanksgiving recipes!


  1. Sign up for a Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Consider shaking up your annual routine by shaking it out with a Turkey Trot! You‚ll love sneaking in some exercise with family and friends before the big feast. Browse upcoming community races and events here.


  1. Visit a Local Farmer‚s Market

Running low on produce? Visit your local farmer‚s market to stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can enjoy the fresh air as you shop the market, while supporting local farmers and vendors. Add these nutrient-rich fall produce items to your shopping list and get cooking!


  1. Get Crafty with Nature

You don‚t have to travel far to enjoy nature this season. In fact, you can start by exploring your own backyard! Go on a nature walk by yourself or with the kids to collect fall elements ‚ such as leaves, flowers, moss and twigs.


You can then use these items by decorating your home, whether it‚s making a wreath or Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Here are some crafty DIY projects inspired by nature!


Let us know how you‚re getting outdoors this season by tagging us on social @VibrantHealth. Want more fall inspiration? Try these wellness tips to get grounded this season!