A Month of Self-Improvement: 30 Daily Ideas to Be the Best Version of Yourself

A Month of Self-Improvement: 30 Daily Ideas to Be the Best Version of Yourself

September is Self-Improvement Month ‚ a month dedicated to personal development. As we make our way into the new fall season, now is the perfect time to reflect on which areas of your life you‚re satisfied with and those you‚d perhaps like to improve or make some changes.


Today on Vibrant Health blog, we‚re sharing 30 daily ideas to be the best version of yourselfall month long! After all, it‚s been said that it takes 30 days to change a habit, so why not take one small step toward living your best life for the entire month of September. Here‚s to a happier, healthier you!


30 Daily Self-Improvement Ideas for the Month of September


September 1st: Set a New Goal for the Month


Goals don‚t have to be reserved for the New Year! Use the start of September as a fresh chance to check in with yourself ‚ setting a goal or intention for the month.


Whether it be financial, health or business related, take some time to get clear on what you desire. If you‚re struggling to come up with something, simply ask yourself, How do I want to feel?


September 2nd: Practice Meditation


Uplevel your life by introducing meditation into your wellness routine. Meditation is a wonderful tool to help quiet the mind, reduce stress and take care of your overall wellbeing.


Meditation can look different for everyone whether it be enjoying a mindful walking meditation in nature, a few deep breaths over your morning cup of tea or a guided meditation through an app like Insight TImer.


September 3rd: Take a Look at Your Finances


How satisfied are you with your current financial situation? Set aside some time this month to get clear with your financial goals and budget. Here‚s how you can design a complete self-care routine for your finances!


September 4th: Make a Green Smoothie


You can‚t expect to feel your best if you‚re not nourishing your body with clean, wholesome foods. Here at Vibrant Health, we‚re suckers for green smoothies to get your fair share of nutrients!


This morning, get an energizing health kick by trying out a new smoothie recipe like this Summer Greens Smoothie featuring our Green Vibrance superfood powder.


September 5th: Start Your Day with Positive Affirmations


One of the best ways to show yourself some extra love is by practicing positive affirmations. Grab a post-it note, and write out some loving words of affirmation for yourself, such as "I am strong" or "I am worthy of success."


If you need some extra guidance, affirmation card decks can be a helpful tool to bring it into your daily routine. The Spark Your Bliss deck offers 36 practical affirmations to help you set your soul on fire complete with journaling prompts and action steps to boot!


September 6th: Assess Your Job Satisfaction


In honor of Labor Day, take some time today to celebrate your career achievements and also assess your current job satisfaction. Are you happy in your career or are you looking to shake things up? Speaking with a career coach can help you navigate transitions with confidence and ease!


September 7th: Take Your Vitamins


Are you taking your daily vitamins? Our Trilogy formula combines the top three physician recommended supplements ‚ a multivitamin, fish oil and probiotic ‚ into one simple, daily power pack so you can make your health a priority.


September 8th: Read a Self-Development Book


In honor of International Literacy Day, go ahead and hit the library or buy yourself a self-development book that speaks to you. Happy reading!


September 9th: Write in a Gratitude Journal


Practicing gratitude by counting your blessings is proven to have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing and emotional health. Get started by writing down three things you‚re grateful for in a gratitude journal ‚ and feel free to keep up with this simple daily practice throughout the rest of the month (or year).


September 10th: Take Care of Your Mental Health


Today marks Suicide Prevention Day, and it‚s a good reminder to focus on your mental health (which is just as important as your physical health). Confide in a friend, do something kind for yourself or book a therapy appointment to work through your feelings with a professional.


September 11th: Make Your Bed


Do you make your bed every morning? A recent survey found that those who make their bed report feeling happier and more productive. Win, win! And what better time to start this feel-good habit than on World Make Your Bed Day?


September 12th: Try a Digital Detox


Are you craving some time away from social media? This month, try doing a digital detox to unplug and go inward so you can take care of y-o-u!


September 13th: Spend Time Outside


Spending time in nature can be incredibly therapeutic and energizing. And if you‚re trying to spend less time online (see above), exploring the great outdoors is a wonderful way to live life unplugged.


September 14th: Get Creative on National Coloring Day


You work hard, but make sure you‚re also taking time to tap into your creativity and have some fun! Express yourself through music, painting or coloring in an adult coloring book (great for stress relief and self-expression)!


September 15th: Sign Up for an Online Course


Have you been eyeing an online course to help further your education? Today is National Online Learning Day so use this as your sign to go for it!


September 16th: Start a New Project


Starting a new project or hobby is great for personal growth. Whether it‚s spending time in the garden, taking a photography class or starting a new blog, do something that ignites your passion.


September 17th: Go to Sleep an Hour Earlier


Sleep is essential for optimal wellness. If you‚ve been slacking, take a step in the right direction by going to bed an hour earlier tonight and noting how that feels. Here are some tips for developing healthy sleep habits!


September 18th: Move Your Body


Exercise is essential for feeling your very best and it has been proven to boost your mood! Move your body in a way that feels good for you be it yoga, an at-home workout or even dancing. (It is National Dance Day after all!)


September 19th: Declutter Your Home


As summer comes to a close, spend some time this week decluttering your home. It‚s also a good time to check in with your environment ‚ ensuring that it aligns with how you want to feel. Here are some simple tips to feng shui your home and bring more joy into your life!


September 20th: Take a Nap


Taking care of yourself can also mean slowing down. Today, allow your body to rest by taking a nap (which can boost your mood, heart health and even memory)!


September 21st: Celebrate the Fall Equinox


Today marks the first day of fall! Celebrate by fueling your body with this Fall Pumpkin Smoothie ‚ made with apple, pumpkin, oat milk, apple cider, cinnamon, walnuts and our Vanilla Max superfood powder.


September 22nd: Get Grounded


Fall is a wonderful time to go back to your roots and get grounded. Here are some simple wellness tips for the mind, body & soul to get more grounded this season!


September 23rd: Find an Accountability Buddy


As you‚re working on improving yourself, it‚s important to surround yourself with people who support and inspire you. Take a look at your circle, and consider finding an accountability buddy, mentor or business coach to check in with periodically!


September 24th: Create a Morning or Evening Routine


Do you have a morning or evening ritual? Creating a routine can transform your life by setting the tone for the day (or night) ahead. Here are some simple steps to create a self-care night routine!


September 25th: Cook an In-Season Meal


Happy National Cooking Day! Stock up on some fall produce (think: root vegetables and apples) and whip up a farm-fresh meal for yourself. After all, eating seasonally is a wonderful way to nourish and tune into your body.


September 26th: Go for a Family Hike


Today marks Family Health and Fitness Day! Celebrate by getting your family on board with your health goals by going for a group hike, bike ride or signing up for a 5K!


September 27th: Book a Solo Day Trip to Recharge


If you‚re feeling uninspired, a solo day trip can be just what you need to hit the reset button. Make time for yourself today by visiting a local spa, farmer‚s market or retreat center.


September 28th: Register to Vote


It‚s National Voter Registration Day ‚ your reminder that your vote and your voice counts! Learn more and get registered here.


September 29th: Say No


One of the best ways you can say YES to yourself is by practicing saying no and setting healthy boundaries. Go ahead and say no today to something that drains you or isn‚t in alignment with how you want to feel.


September 30th: Listen to a New Podcast


September 30th is International Podcast Day, celebrating the power of podcasts (which can be an incredible tool to help motivate and inspire you on your personal growth journey). Get started by browsing these 20 self-help podcasts!


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