11 Healthier Summer Treats To Satisfy Your Cravings & Keep You Cool

11 Healthier Summer Treats To Satisfy Your Cravings & Keep You Cool



It wouldn‚t be summer without ice cream nights, s‚mores by the campfire and poolside popsicles. And while we love summer treats just as much as the next person, many of them are packed with sugar, artificial ingredients and other sneaky additives.


Not to fear; you can still stay cool and indulge in your favorite summer treats without the sugar rush! This week on the Vibrant Health blog, we‚re sharing 11 healthy swaps for your go-to summer treats (without sacrificing flavor).


11 Healthy Summer Treats for all Your Cravings

  1. Chocolate Coconut Nice Cream
  2. Summer Smoothie Bowl
  3. Frozen Hot Chocolate
  4. Lavender Matcha Lemonade
  5. Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding
  6. Blueberry Superfood Ice Pops
  7. Pineapple Coconut Smoothie
  8. Joint Vibrant Creamsicles
  9. Almond Chocolate Joy Smoothie
  10. Turmeric Sunrise
  11. Mini No-Bake Matcha Tea Cheesecake


If You’re Craving Chocolate Ice Cream, Try Making: Chocolate Coconut Nice Cream




 Ice cream night just got a whole lot cooler with our scratch-made Chocolate Coconut Nice Cream! This vegan-friendly recipe features our Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut powder, and is packed with superfoods for a “nicer” way to enjoy ice cream.


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 If You’re Craving a Slush Puppie Try Making: a Summer Smoothie Bowl



Swap your sugary fruit smoothies and slush puppies with our Summer Smoothie Bowl! This colorful delight packs a nutritional punch with blueberries, dragon fruit, pineapple spinach, and a scoop of our Orange Pineapple Vibrance.


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If You’re Craving a Mudslide, Try Making: Frozen Hot Chocolate



Dreaming about poolside mudslides, but not so much the sugar headache you get afterward? Our Frozen Hot Chocolate — loaded with whole foods like cacao, maple syrup and Himalayan salt — is a healthy twist on a winter classic. This frozen beverage is a summer must!


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If You’re Craving Lemonade, Try Making: Lavender Matcha Lemonade




Lemonade is the perfect summer party staple, but most store bought varieties are packed with added sugars! We’ve got the perfect solution for you with our Matcha Lemonade — a lovely mix of lemons, lavender, hydrating coconut water and our Green Vibrance Matcha Tea.


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If You’re Craving Chocolate Pudding, Try Making: Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding



Next time you’re in the mood for your favorite childhood dessert, opt for some nostalgic Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding! Our recipe swaps artificial ingredients with superfoods like chia seeds and our Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut for a sinless creamy indulgence.


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If You’re Craving Popsicles, Try Making: Blueberry Superfood Ice Pops



Why have a regular popsicle when you can make it a superfood pop? These Blueberry Superfood Ice Pops combine real fruit, coconut cream and our Green Vibrance superfood powder to keep you cool and energized all season long. They’re easy to blend up, making for a perfect on-the-go cooler treat for BBQs and beach days!


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If You’re Craving a Piña Colada, Try Making: a Pineapple Coconut Smoothie



Piña colada lovers, rejoice! We’ve got you covered with a lighter non-alcoholic version of this summer break favorite. Whip up this Pineapple Coconut Smoothie — made with wholesome ingredients like kale, flax seeds, and frozen pineapple — for instant tropical vacation vibes. Garnish with a lemon slice and enjoy! 


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If You’re Craving a Creamsicle, Try Making: Joint Vibrant Creamsicles



We love the dreamy combo of orange and cream, but we don’t love the added ingredients like polysorbate 80 and high fructose corn syrup! That’s why we can’t get enough of these Joint Vibrance Creamsicles — made with real ingredients like orange, honey, coconut milk and our Joint Vibrance collagen supplement for a healthy boost.


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 If You’re Craving an Almond Joy, Try Making: Almond Chocolate Joy Smoothies



Chocolate and coconut is undoubtedly a dreamy combination! Get your candy fix this summer with our Almond Chocolate Joy Smoothie. Made with almond milk, spinach and our Maximum Vibrance Chocolate powder, this nutrient-dense smoothie is naturally sweetened with frozen banana!


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If You’re Craving a Tequila Sunrise, Try Making: a Turmeric Sunrise



We love a summer cocktail as much as the next person, but most are packed with added sugars; not to mention alcohol consumption can lead to feeling overheated or dehydrated during the summer heat. Trade up your go-to seasonal cocktail with this anti-inflammatory Turmeric Sunrise mocktail, made with fresh fruit, yogurt and our Maximized Turmeric 46x supplement.


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If You’re Craving Cheesecake, Try Making: Mini No-Bake Matcha Tea Cheesecake



During the summer months, we’re all about no-bake recipes. That’s just one of the many reasons we love this lighter Mini Matcha Tea Cheesecake, bringing together flavors of coconut, vanilla and our signature Green Vibrance Matcha Tea superfood powder. Top with fresh fruit for an antioxidant boost! 


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