10 Simple Self-Care Ideas for Spring

10 Simple Self-Care Ideas for Spring

April 5th marks National Self-Care Day, a day dedicated to putting yourself (and your well-being) first. Not only does taking care of yourself feel good, but research has shown that engaging in self-care activities can decrease stress and increase overall quality of life to boot.  

With spring in full bloom, this week on the Vibrant Health blog we’re sharing 10 simple self-care ideas to try this season.  

10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Self-Care this Spring  

  1. Make Time for Spring Cleaning   
  2. Eat In-Season Produce  
  3. Start Your Day with Meditation  
  4. Take a Nature Walk  
  5. Buy Yourself Flowers 
  6. Enjoy a Meal Al Fresco  
  7. Give Yourself a Spring “Glow Up”  
  8. Take Your Vitamins & Supplements  
  9. Get Crafty  
  10. Plan a Picnic with a Friend  

Make Time for Spring Cleaning   

While spring cleaning your home is likely on your neverending “to do” list, it can actually be done as a form of self-care. This season, take your usual cleanup a step further by cleansing out anything that no longer serves you to make room for new beginnings!  

Consider going on a digital detox, cleaning up your diet, and taking a tip from Marie Kondo by clearing out anything that doesn’t spark joy. Here are some more ideas to spring clean your life this season!  

Eat In-Season Produce  

Fueling your body with wholesome, nutrient-dense foods is an excellent way to prioritize your self-care. This spring, “eat the rainbow” by choosing fresh, in-season produce such as asparagus, strawberries, herbs and spring greens. Here are 7 foods to incorporate into your diet this spring — including healthy recipes to pair with them!  

Start Your Day with Meditation  

How you start your morning can make a big impact on the rest of your day! Start strong by setting aside time for meditation and self-reflection.  

With the weather warming up, it can be fun to take your morning ritual outside! As you sip your coffee or tea, reflect on what you’re grateful for and the kind of energy you want to bring into your day.  

Take a Nature Walk  

Speaking of being outside, spring is the perfect time of year to soak up the sunshine and spend more time in the great outdoors! Look into local hiking and walking trails near you or simply do a walking meditation around your yard. This can be an incredible way to ground your body and infuse more mindfulness into your day.   

Buy Yourself Flowers  

Who said flowers have to be reserved for special occasions? This season, put yourself first by buying yourself a beautiful springtime bouquet!  

Not only will flowers add a pop of color to your home, but they can also boost your mood. In fact, studies have found that receiving flowers invokes feel-good, positive emotions. Take it a step further by planting your own garden this season for a daily dose of blooms!  

 Enjoy a Meal Al Fresco  

This spring, make an effort to enjoy some meals outside. Not only will you get some fresh air and sunshine, but dining “al fresco” is a great way to encourage mindful eating. Do your best to unplug from technology so you can focus on the beautiful meal in front of you —taking in the taste, smell, scenery, and noises around you.   

Give Yourself a Spring “Glow Up”  

Has your skin been feeling a little dull? Now’s the time for spring “Glow Up!” Give your skin a healthy glow by choosing clean food, sweating by moving your body, and hydrating throughout the day. Tip: Try making seasonal spa water by infusing your water with lemon and fresh herbs like basil or mint!  

And in the spirit of spring cleaning, take some time to toss any old, expired beauty products, opting for clean, natural beauty supplies. We love this DIY Green Superfood Face Mask made with three simple ingredients: coconut oil, water, and our Green Vibrance superfood powder.  

Take Your Vitamins & Supplements  

As the seasons shift, your personal wellness needs may shift too. Take some time to check in on your current vitamin and supplement regimen to see if anything needs to be tweaked.  

The new season can also be a good time to book a visit with your doctor or naturopath to draw up lab work — to see if you need any additional supplementation. Here at Vibrant Health, we offer a variety of superfood supplements for every body — from digestive support to joint health.  

Get Crafty   

As the flowers continue to bloom, spring is the perfect time to let your creativity blossom as well! After all, studies show that being creative can make you happier.   Here are some earthy springtime craft ideas to try this season!  

Plan a Picnic with a Friend  

When was the last time you enjoyed a picnic? Round up a friend or two, pack a bag, and head out for a picnic in the park! You can each bring a healthy snack or beverage (like this hydrating Citrus Coconut Water Lemonade) and enjoy spending time with one another in nature. Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good is an excellent way to take care of your mental health!  



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