15 Influential Black Wellness Gurus to Follow on Instagram

Owned by Paige and Ted Parker, Vibrant Health takes pride in being a black-owned business dedicated to creating products you can trust. In fact, we’re listed among the “top black-owned businesses in the United States,” according to BlackEnterprise.com.

And in honor of Black History Month, we wanted to shine the light on some fellow black wellness enthusiasts — from doulas to plant-based foodies — who are truly making a difference in the wellness world (and  beyond). This week on the Vibrant  Health blog, we’re sharing 15 influential black wellness gurus to follow on instagram — starting now.


  1. Tiffany Lester / @drtiffanylester

As a writer, creator, thinker and Functional Medicine Doctor at Parsley Health, Tiffany shares “#tinydoses of medicinal wisdom” with her instagram followers. From inspirational mantras to travel tidbits and approachable health tips, she’s your go-to girl for all things functional health and happiness.

Follow on instagram @drtiffanylester


  1. Gianne Doherty / @giannedoherty

As the founder of award-winning natural beauty brand Organic Bath Co., Gianne literally lives and breathes clean beauty. Give her a follow on instagram for a healthy mix of natural beauty finds, business talk and adorable pics of her pup Max. Warning: she’ll likely make you want to uplevel your self-care game.

Follow on instagram @giannedoherty


  1. Latham Thomas / @glowmaven

Latham Thomas is the founder of Mama Glow, a global maternal health company committed to birth equity — through doula services, fertility support and more. Give Latham a follow on her personal instagram @glowmaven for motivating mantras, nourishing motherhood wisdoms and self-care inspo.

Follow on instagram @glowmaven


  1. Darian Hall / @darian.d.hall

Darian Hall knows mental health and mindset matter — and that’s what you’ll see him preaching when you follow him on instagram. As the co-founder of HealHaus, he’s on a mission to help humans heal the mind, body and soul through yoga, meditation, and mindset work.

Follow on instagram @darian.d.hall


  1. Hannah Bronfman / @hannahbronfman

Mom, author of the book “Do What Feels Good,” activist and founder of HBFIT, Hannah wears many (impressive) hats. You can get a taste of her wellness journey on insta — where she covers everything from mental health and workouts to her passion for DJing and behind-the-scenes of her IVF journey.

Follow on instagram @hannahbronfman


  1. Light Watkins / @lightwatkins

If making more time for meditation is one of your New Year intentions, then Light is your guy to follow. As a meditation teacher and founder of The Shine Movement, you can expect deep, reflective pep talks — on things like imposter syndrome and taking a leap of faith. You’ll be sure to walk away feeling inspired!

Follow on instagram @lightwatkins


  1. Sabia Wade / @theblackdoula

 Sabia @theblackdoula is a refreshing voice for marginalized communities — covering important topics from body empowerment to advocacy in the birth space. Not to mention, the nonprofit she founded, For the Village, provides free and low-cost doula services to underserved communities.

Follow on instagram @theblackdoula 


  1. Linda Wells / @lindawellnesswarrior

Known as the “Wellness Warrior,” Linda believes “wellness is your birthright.” She empowers her followers to discover body liberation and reclaim their spirit through powerful pep talks, yoga and mindset tips. Her instagram account radiates joy and it’s clear Linda knows how to have a good time — and spreads that sunshine to others too.

Follow on instagram @lindawellnesswarrior


  1. Ayanna Parrent / @ayannaparrent

As the owner of B Free Wellness, Ayanna is on a mission to transform people’s lives through movement, mindfulness, and fun — and well, who doesn’t want more of that? Follow her on instagram to get your fix of mindful moments, family and laughter

Follow on instagram @ayannaparrent


  1. Chelsea Clark / @thatschelsea

If you’re looking to become immersed in holistic wellness with a plant-based twist, Chelsea has got you covered. This plant-based public health specialist shares her journey through mindful living and holistic wellness on the ‘gram (and yes, you’ll get your fair share of drool-worthy foodie pics too).

Follow on instagram @thatschelsea  


  1. Alexis Nikole / @blackforager

Passionate about vegan food and the environment, Alexis’ feed is full of vegan concoctions — including foods she forages outside on her adventures. From wild mushrooms to wild rice risotto, Alexis will take you — and your taste buds — on a wild ride through all things food.

Follow on instagram @blackforager


  1. Dr. Lisa Upshaw / @drlisaupshaw

As a holistic acupuncturist with a passion for healthy food, Dr. Lisa Upshaw encourages her followers to live their best life. From chakra balancing and clean eating to acupuncture tidbits and positive affirmations, you’ll take away lots of juicy nuggets of wisdom.

Follow on instagram @drlisaupshaw


  1. Tiffany Stuart / @wellwithtiffany 

Looking to expand your green thumb? Look no further. Wellness enthusiast Tiffany will give you your fair share of gardening inspo — with practical tips like how to grow cucumbers indoors or how to make your veggie-filled plates more “romantic” and joyful (or in Tiffany’s words, “romanticize your life”).

Follow on instagram @wellwithtiffany


  1. Heather White / @itsheatherwhite

If you’re looking for some major fitness inspiration with a side of women’s empowerment and self-love, give Heather a follow now. As the founder of boutique fitness brand TRILLFIT, she’s all about promoting movement, community and inclusivity.

Follow on instagram @itsheatherwhite


  1. Doug Middleton / @36dm_era

NFL player by day, Doug Middleton is not just a powerful football player but also a powerful mental health advocate. His nonprofit Dream the Impossible raises awareness of mental health issues with student athletes — particularly in the Black community.

Follow on instagram @36dm_era


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