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What I do to stay Vibrant: Plan to workout everyday. Since I plan to workout every day I actually get in 5-6 days a week. I (of course) take Green Vibrance every day and add to it it Rainbow Vibrance and Pro Matcha Protein Vanilla Creme. My Wife and I mix the aforementioned blend of GV, RV and PM in whole juices that we juice in a blender not a juicer. The whole Juices are a combination of leafy greens and some fruits as well with ice and almond milk. My wife adds greek yogurt which I have to admit rocks it. The best part about whole juice, as opposed to juicing, is that you are using the entire vegetable and fruit, thus keeping your fiber up and sugar down. Getting the right amount of fiber daily fights 18 different types of cancers.I have been with Vibrant Health since 2002.