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My affiliation with Vibrant Health began over ten years ago (2002) when my son Mike started working for the company at age of 15 (now 25). My youngest son (Ryan) also worked at Vibrant Health for a few years while he attended high school and is now a sophomore in College (age 20). Although my official career with the company began two years ago (when I joined the shipping & receiving  department) one could argue that our family has been a part of this company for over a decade now. It has been truly rewarding  to be a part of an organization that makes some of the best products available to help improve the health and wellbeing of all who consume them. I use Green Vibrance everyday and I especially love the Green Vibrance Original Meal bars because they taste great and fill me up! At lunchtime Vibrant Health encourages healthy eating by making nutritious meals for the entire team and great smoothies for all to enjoy. Unlike most jobs which can be mundane and predictable there’s always something exciting happening at 99 Railroad Street. And as one of the oldest employees (in principle) I’ve seen a lot of exciting things here and can’t wait to see what the future holds.