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Russ Marchewka is not simply one thing. His list of passions and skills include being a top 10 professional beach volleyball player on the AVP tour, a health blogger and part-time naturopathic health coach. Additionally, he holds down a “day job” helping facilitate donations to charities.He takes a writing style that is casual and people read along as if they were having a face to face conversation with Russ. Check out his featured articles and blogs in DiG Beach Volleyball Magazine, #MrHealthyMondays, and Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine. As the only vegan beach volleyball player in the world, I hold myself to the highest standard of health and nutrition. I don’t compromise with myself and I communicate to my readers to ‘try a little harder to be a little better.’ I love to cook and grow my own organic food, but we live in a world where a product like Green Vibrance is the best insurance policy one can have for their health! I feel like I have an edge over my competition taking Vibrant Health products.