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Did you know that morning people are generally happier? I’m a true morning person. Everyday I awake at 5:30 am; I throw on my running shoes and hit the treadmill for an hour (I’m usually joined by my husband, Ted who gets on the elliptical for his 60 minute workout). Once my workout is over, I make a nutritious breakfast and a Vibrant Health smoothie for the whole family. My Emerald Smoothie is comprised of a handful whatever greens I have – plus a scoop of Green Vibrance, Rainbow Vibrance, flax seed oil, almond milk or yogurt (depending what’s in the fridge) frozen berries, a banana and ice cold water. Then it’s off to getting the kids – Paeten and Preston and myself ready for the day. I would love to say it runs smoothly but my kids are like a box of chocolates… you just never know what you’’re going to get. Then it’s off to the Vibrant Health corporate office for a day of exciting work!!