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Kirsten is a storyteller. A dreamer who writes about love, life, lust and loss in New York City. Kirsten started in 2008 as a social commentary on fashion and life through the eyes of a writer, model, trendspotter and stargazer. Her unique perspective is portrayed through her every day images of the minutes and hours of a modern day romantic living in an everyday world. Kirsten loves to tell the story of a brand through imagery and words. She works with fashion, swimwear, lingerie, lifestyle, exercise and travel companies as an ambassador to communicate and represent the brand image to her audience. In 2016, Kirsten launched the “Wear Your Wounds” campaign, a concept to encourage people to embrace their flaws, shortcomings and fears, along with hopefully prompting conversation between strangers. A range of t-shirts and activewear was created to allow people to wear their wounds in their day to day lives. Kirsten can frequently be seen exploring the city with her dog Smitty, sharing her unique perception through imagery of life in Brooklyn, New York.