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I have been in the sales and marketing arena since 1991. I grew up on Long Island, where I attended St. Anthony’s High School. After graduating from, I went on to pursue a Political Science degree from Villanova University. Upon graduating in 1991, and fully realizing I had zero desire to become a lawyer, I went back home, moved into my old room with Mom and Dad, and said to myself…, ””Now what?”” It was at this moment my father quickly responded, “’I don’t know but you better find something, moron!’” I then decided to follow in my father’s footsteps, medical sales and marketing. I immediately went to work for Wyeth-Ayerst pharmaceuticals as a territory representative in Queens, NY. I became a regional field trainer after just 1 short year with the company and have never looked back. Since those wonderful days, I have always worked in the medical device arena. I’ve sold items ranging from coronary stents, to breast implants, to carotid artery protection devices, to in-dwelling CT ports, to neurovascular embolic coils and gel, to name just a few.