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I am a Brazilian journalist, TV host, jiu-jitsu athlete and fitness model living in South Florida. Stayed active, fit and healthy my whole life. Love adventures, nature and believe in health and sports as a lifestyle.

I have a Bachelor of Communications with a major in Journalism and used to be Sport TV Host on a big channel in my country. Nowadays I’m fitness columnist for the Hiper Shape Magazine, a Brazilian publication, and sports columnist for the Brasileiras & Brasileiros, a Brazilian newspaper in Florida. I’m also certified MMA judge and used to be also commentator of fights on Brazilian television.

Before starting jiu-jitsu, I’ve trained 8 years of kung-fu for competitions. Working out has been part of my life for 20 years and I’ve never liked a quiet life. I enjoy surfing, skating, mountain biking, wakeboarding or just going to the beach or being in the middle of nature.

I’m proud to represent Vibrant Health, a brand that I’ve been using for years and I really can say that helps me a lot with my quality of life and keeps me moving forward on my sports and trainings.

Purity, low heavy metal content, nutrient density. For me it is so important when we are talking about eating and drinking and that’s why I admire this brand. Quality first!