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I am a 2003 graduate of Bridgewater State College located in Bridgewater, MA with a BA in Art and a Concentration in Graphic Design. My professional background is in design and technology. I began working with Vibrant Health in September 2009 and it was at that same time Green Vibrance became part of my daily routine. In addition to taking Green Vibrance I also enjoy Maximum Vibrance to give me a real energy boost and the essentials like Immune Defense and Turmeric. I am a Mom to 2 boys, Keaton and Landen. I enjoy kayaking, running and spending time with husband and our two boys.Vibrant Health is a wonderful place to work and the Creative Team which has formed in recent years with the addition of Alanna Mulligan, Kate Shanley and Matthew Hajducky has allowed for the new website, our social media presence and other exciting developments!