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Born and raised in South Africa, I grew up with a deep love for exploration and adventure that was fostered by the wildness of my African upbringing. My love for movement and passion for physical education led me to train in many disciplines like gymnastics, capoeira, martial arts, parkour, animal flow, calisthenics and rock climbing. These all influenced the development of the comprehensive training system I live by today. As a teacher and practitioner of Parkour, I embrace a lifestyle and philosophy of overcoming obstacles. I am a firm believer in expression through movement, health and vitality that is grounded in functional fitness and clean living. Altruism expressed through community involvement and service – as the motto of Parkour states – “Be strong to be useful.” Vibrant Health embodies all that is necessary for the body to function the way it was intended to. It is the answer to the unfortunate state of our food supply and stands a titan in the arena of healthy food supplements. Max Vibrance is my favorite product and provides my body with absolutely everything it needs, fueling my adventures!